Thank you for praying for our Olympic Outreach in Sydney, Australia. We had considerable difficulty with the authorities and were unable to have access to the places where we could have handed out the most tracts, yet there were still divine appointments and answers to prayer. Doug Carmel, a volunteer (and former staff member) from the United States, had prayed that God would allow him to lead a Jewish person to faith so that he would feel his trip was worthwhile. God answered that prayer at a place called Bondi Junction, an outdoor street mall where Doug met Maya, a Jewish woman from Amsterdam. Doug reports, I asked her if she read Scripture and she said, ‘Every day.’ She also said she prayed every day and was aware of her sin. I took out my pocket Bible and we read Isaiah 53. Maya had never seen this passage before. Then I explained the gospel to her and asked if she would like to pray to receive the forgiveness made possible by Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. She did!”

From London: God works in mysterious ways! Branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports, “A Jewish believer in Jesus came to the shop a while ago to get a Hebrew New Testament to give his ultra-Orthodox acquaintance. He recently called us to inform us that this acquaintance spent the entire flight from New York to Jerusalem reading the New Testament. He thought it would keep him from being bored and he was right! By the time Mourad reached Jerusalem, he was convinced Jesus was the promised Messiah. He went straight to his rabbi to ask some questions and the rabbi couldn’t answer him. It was then he phoned our friend here in London to tell the story. It would appear that Mourad has truly become a believer in Jesus. Pray that we’ll be able to help get good follow-up for him. He is based in Switzerland.”

From Fort Lauderdale, missionary Greg Savitt reports, “About a year ago a Christian friend asked us to witness to a 95-year-old Jewish man named Albert. I began visiting him and we studied many of the messianic prophecies together, as well as reading through the Gospel of John. Albert’s wife Karen is a strong believer, and she was also doing all she could to witness to her husband. Albert was interested, but he really couldn’t understand why he needed Jesus. However, in the last few months Albert’s health began declining rapidly, and he finally understood the importance of knowing that his sins are forgiven before meeting his Maker. He accepted God’s gift of salvation through Jesus. His wife saw real changes in Albert in the weeks that followed. And then Albert went to be with the Lord. Praise God for His timing!”

Stan and Holly Meyer have recently moved from our Los Angeles branch to South Florida, and Tovya and Michelle Rose also joined the branch following their tour with The Liberated Wailing Wall. When a Jewish believer from Chicago called asking us to visit her sister-in-law Darcy (not her real name), it turned out that she lives just minutes away from Stan and Holly. Michelle and Holly visited Darcy together and it was obvious that she was wide open to the gospel. In fact, she was ready to accept salvation through Yeshua on the first visit. Please pray for Darcy, who has had a problem with turning to drugs to solve her problems. Pray that she will find God more than sufficient to meet her needs.

In New York City missionary trainee Bruce Rapp went with Mitch Forman to visit a man named Alan. Bruce reports, “After a while, Mitch asked me if I wanted to share anything, and as I began to talk with Alan I sensed that he seemed to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. I asked him if he would be willing to pray with me to receive forgiveness for his sin through Jesus, and after a minute or two he said yes. PRAISE GOD!” (Bruce is one of the final three trainees we will feature in next month’s newsletter.)

Also from New York, Vicky Abramson reports, “When Gus, an on-duty policeman, asked what I was handing out, I explained that it was free literature about Jesus. Then I asked, ‘By the way, what do you think of Jesus, Sir?’ It turns out that Gus was raised Catholic, but never really believed in Jesus. When I asked if he wanted to receive salvation in Jesus now, he wasn’t sure he was willing to change his life-style. I explained to him that only God can change a person’s heart, and he prayed then and there to receive the free gift of salvation! Please pray for officer Gus.”