December 2000 Newsletter (5761:4)

What’s So Great About December 25th?
December 1, 2000

Isn’t December 25th the day of our Savior’s birth? I don’t want to be a messianic grinch, but the answer is probably not.” We can’t know exactly what day Yeshua (Jesus) was born, so the odds are probably something like 365 to 1 on just...

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Topics: hanukkah

News flash: We recently came across an article stating that the Jewish population of Portland, Oregon has grown to 25,000. If you saw our special October newsletter you know that 25,000 is the exact number that qualifies a city for Operation Behold Your God....

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Test Your Hanukkah Knowledge

Questions Where is the story of Hanukkah found? What is a dreidel? What is a menorah? Who was Judas Maccabeus? Who eats latkes with mayonnaise? What is a latke? What does the word Hanukkah” mean? What is another name for the holiday of Hanukkah? Answers In the...

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Jews for Jesus Singers Greet Holiday Shoppers
Author: Stan Meyer

Jews for Jesus in the shopping mall during Christmas? Why not? After all, busy shoppers are bound to be intercepted by Santa, blocked by Frosty, and pursued by men and women who are paid to spray their brand of cologne over whosoever will receive it! Why not do...

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Sometimes We Get Chills
Author: Nici Smith

As missionaries we know that whatever fruit we see from our labor is because God is at work behind the scenes.” But now and then we see His hand so clearly that even those of us who’ve served for 20 years and more just get chills. That was how many of us...

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Meet Cyril and Rhonda Gordon

As promised in last month’s newsletter, we want to continue introducing you to our missionary trainees. Stay tuned next month for the final three, John Michael and Abra M. and Bruce Rapp. Cyril I grew up in a secular Jewish family in San Francisco, California. I...

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Bits from the Branches

Thank you for praying for our Olympic Outreach in Sydney, Australia. We had considerable difficulty with the authorities and were unable to have access to the places where we could have handed out the most tracts, yet there were still divine appointments and answers...

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