1. Blintzes (pronounced blintz is”) refers to

a. one of Hanukkah Harry’s reindeer, a second cousin to that more famous hoofer, “Blitzen”
b. pieces of lint that can blind you like a blizzard if you aren’t careful when you clean the lint trap of your clothes dryer
c. delicious Jewish crepes, filled with cheese, potato or meat, and fried in oil (great at Hanukkah time!)

2. A Hanukkiah (pronounced “hah new key ah”) is

a. what a New York locksmith with a mouthful of blintzes sounds like when he is actually trying to say, “I have your new key, yeah.”
b. a little-known island in Hawaii
c. the nine-branched candelabra used to celebrate Hanukkah

3. A shammash (pronounced “shah mush”) is

a. what an Iranian ruler eats for breakfast
b. someone who keeps the synagogue clean
c. the ninth or “servant candle” used to light the other eight candles at Hanukkah

If you answered “c” on all of them you are correct, except for #3, which is a trick question. Both “b” and “c” are correct!