Our Los Angeles branch came up with a meaningful new tradition” for Hanukkah last year. Of course our Hanukkah party was a great night of fellowship, prayer and food (things just aren’t the same without the food!). But as a special way to express and memorialize our dedication to God, the L.A. team erected a makeshift “Wailing Wall” inside our Westwood building. At the end of the program, our staff invited people to respond to the message of Hanukkah by writing down something that they wanted to dedicate to God for the coming year. Here are samples of the kinds of things people gave over to God that night:

  • I give you my heart and all of my desires for intimacy.
  • I give you my daughter’s husband, that he may come to faith in Jesus.
  • Please pray I would be a more caring father to my children.
  • I want to give to Jesus the judgment of conflict with my Pastor.
  • I want to give myself.
  • Salvation for my in-laws.

Of the 25 people who wrote out what they wanted to dedicate to God, most prayed for opportunities to serve and/or salvation for family members. It’s great to have an opportunity for serious reflection in the midst of holiday joy. We thought those of you who homeschool or teach Sunday School might be interested in adapting this kind of project for your own use.


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