December 1999 Newsletter (5760:4)

One Way to Celebrate
December 1, 1999

Our Los Angeles branch came up with a meaningful new tradition” for Hanukkah last year. Of course our Hanukkah party was a great night of fellowship, prayer and food (things just aren’t the same without the food!). But as a special way to express and memorialize our dedication to God, the L.A. team erected a…

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The Invisible Woman Turned Visible
Author: Lynn McCoy

Sometimes our New York and Washington, D.C. branches join up to do holiday outreaches. We enjoy being together and we also enjoy the change of scenery as we travel to five different cities to do evangelism. I recall one such Decapolis” in which many package-laden passers-by were delighted to see us. After all, “Jesus is…

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Bits from the Branches

Outreach worker Dina Markova reports from the CIS, I recently took five volunteers to do a mini-campaign in the city of Illichevsk (a suburb of Odessa), where we found many people open to the gospel. We even met two Jewish believers, Igor F. and Alik P. We were so encouraged that we’re praying for more…

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The Course of History

Some things never change. The news was dominated by politics, war and social unrest. Many had hoped that fresh leadership in the Senate would usher in much needed reform, but the new leaders were beholden to the same old power structure and special interests. Though times were relatively peaceful, ethnic conflicts continued to erupt here…

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

1. Blintzes (pronounced blintz is”) refers to a. one of Hanukkah Harry’s reindeer, a second cousin to that more famous hoofer, “Blitzen” b. pieces of lint that can blind you like a blizzard if you aren’t careful when you clean the lint trap of your clothes dryer c. delicious Jewish crepes, filled with cheese, potato…

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Reflections on the Festival of Lights in Israel

There is something special in the December air of Jerusalem. The first rains have washed the skies and streets clean. Surrounding hills shimmer with a new growth of green grass. The sun sets early and, though the night seems long, there is an air of festivity. It is the season of Hanukkah, the Festival of…

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Christmas Dilemma?
Author: Josh Sofaer

When it comes to this month’s holidays, some of us Jews for Jesus find ourselves asking, Where do we fit?” We are in two communities who have very different feelings about the holidays. But we have found that the holidays actually put us in a great place to raise high the name of Jesus. Let…

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What Do You Say When They Say?
Author: Moishe Rosen

What do you say when someone tells you that Israel is no longer the Jewish people, but the Church? Theologically speaking, when Christians identify the promises, the covenants and the warnings to Israel with the Church, it is not an improper application—but it might well be a bad interpretation. When you answer a person, it…

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