If there is one time of year when the hearts of Jewish people seem to be softened to spiritual things, it’s during Advent. Perhaps it has to do with the positive message” specials on television, the carols on the radio or the plethora of Christmas theme films in the theaters. Even the joy that goes along with giving, holiday lights and “good will” feelings might contribute to the mood. All we know is that as we increase our sorties (tract-passing expeditions) through the Christmas shopping season and publish the good news in the secular media, Jewish people respond.

Maybe you have seen some of our ads in the past, but we wanted to show you some of the ways in which we communicate the reason for the season to the unsaved each Advent Season. Notice how the ad banner lines are designed to grab the reader’s attention. Won’t you pray that God moves in Jewish hearts this Advent to meet the Christ of Christmas? And be on the lookout—maybe one of our gospel ads will be appearing in your area!