We always see the Lord touch many Jewish hearts at this time of year. Unfortunately, we have to prepare this newsletter before December in order for you to receive it on time. Since we can’t report holiday news that hasn’t happened yet, we wanted to give you a sprinkling of true stories from Jews for Jesus Christmas/Hanukkah Past.”

A Jewish woman named Alice drove 150 miles to attend a Jews for Jesus Hanukkah party in Paris. The following morning, Alice prayed with branch leader Stephen Pacht to ask Jesus into her life.

A Jewish man named Jonathan attended our Hanukkah festivities in Johannesburg. There he bought our Questions and Answers booklet. Andrew Barron (leader of the branch at that time*) met with Jonathan over the next couple of weeks. After discussing all the questions and answers there was only one question left: was Jonathan ready to receive salvation in Jesus? He was—and he did!

Sol first contacted our Los Angeles office in 1992, and met regularly with Stan for awhile. By the end of 1993, Sol announced that he didn’t think believing in Jesus would better the world or increase his retirement income. He and his family moved to Las Vegas. A couple of years later, after seeing one of our advent ads (see page 3), Sol called. He had moved back to L.A. and through a series of unusual events, became open to the gospel. He ordered the book we offered in the ad (Billy Graham’s Peace With God) and wanted to resume meetings with Stan. Eventually, he prayed with Stan to receive Christ. At times, Stan wondered if Sol’s commitment was real. So in December 1996, he was especially encouraged to receive a Christmas card from Sol that read, “Thank you, Stan, for leading me to Yeshua.”

In the CIS, a Jewish lady named Inessa was attending our Sabbath meetings. Outreach worker Ella Libkina offered to meet with her and she agreed with joy. They had their visit together on the 25th of December. When Ella explained the gospel to Inessa, she repented and received God’s salvation. With Christmas and her re-birthday, it was a double holiday!

Also in the CIS, outreach worker Galya Bogomolova met an elderly Jewish doctor named Leonid Strizhevski. He said he believed in Jesus as a historical figure but was open to reading why we believe He is so much more. Galya sent him our literature and an invitation to our Hanukkah celebration. He attended that celebration and came to faith there! Galya was a bit skeptical about this seemingly quick change of heart and continued praying for him. Weeks later, he saw her on a street handing out literature. He came and thanked her for the literature she had sent him some time ago. As they spoke, Galya was encouraged to hear of his faith in Jesus as his Messiah. They prayed together on the street, thanking God for the salvation He had given to Leonid.

In New York, outreach worker Vlad had been in contact with Alexander, whose work schedule made it difficult to meet during the course of the week. So, Vlad and his wife, Masha, decided to invite Alexander to their home for Christmas. Vlad was delighted to find that Alexander had bought a Bible the previous week and had been reading it. Before long they were talking about Jesus and Alexander was eager to invite Jesus into his life.

Bobbie Taylor is one of our Co-Laborers (specially trained volunteer) in Mesa, AZ. She sent us the following story: “My husband Del and I were used by the Lord to lead 91-year-old Royal Ruderman (Rudy) to receive his Messiah. Jews for Jesus headquarters had sent us Rudy’s name and address after his Christian daughter-in-law requested that someone visit him. We visited him several times at the nursing home. Rudy’s response was always, ‘I was born a Jew and I’ll die a Jew.’

“At Christmastime (1996), Del and I went to visit Rudy. We brought the broadside ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘The Only Hope for Peace’ ad (see page 3). He read them with interest. Then I looked Rudy straight in the eye and told him how I have had peace in my life because of Jesus and how my 92-year-old mother knew she was going to heaven because of her relationship with Jesus. ‘Rudy, don’t you want peace with God?’ I asked. He responded, ‘Yes I do.’ I asked him to take that step of faith and invite Jesus into his heart and he did.” (Five months later Bobbie was pleased to let us know that Rudy is attending the Christian church service held at his rest home.)

Please be praying for the Jewish people we will be reaching out to this Christmas/Hanukkah season. Pray for them to be open as they see our gospel ads, receive our tracts and are contacted personally by our staff and volunteers.

*Andrew now leads our Toronto branch.


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