Car-Jacked in Johannesburg

Jenifer Leigh stands just about 5 feet tall. She is quiet and soft spoken but not lacking in boldness. Jenifer came to us from Colorado (where she used to scale mountains in her spare time). Through her missionary service, Jen met and married Lev Leigh, who was training with us in New York City to prepare to be part of Jews for Jesus South Africa. Moving to a new country is always an adventure and can even be frightening at times. The following is a first-hand account of how Jenifer learned that being in God’s will is the safest place to be.…

From Johannesburg, Jenifer Leigh reports, One of my worst fears was realized when I was recently ‘car-jacked’ at gunpoint and forced to drive three men to Soweto. Yet God clearly took control of the situation and I had a peace and calmness that had to have come from Him. In fact, I kept trying to calm down the hijackers, who seemed more nervous than I was! I explained that I was a missionary and handed my Bible to one man who had threatened to kill me. When we reached their destination, they demanded money, but when they saw I only had 20 rand, they said I would need it for cab fare home. Then they asked for jewelry, but when they saw I had only a wedding ring, they didn’t take that either. In fact, when they saw that my briefcase contained only books and names and addresses of people I needed to visit, they let me keep that as well (later the police told me that car-jack victims never get away with any personal property, let alone money). They left me on a deserted road and just as my calmness began to crumble, I heard a voice cry out, ‘Is everything all right?’ I stopped in my tracks, relieved to see a concerned face. I know without a doubt that God sent this man, Michael, to me at that very moment. Michael was a Christian and accompanied me on the twenty-minute walk to the police station. Without him, I would not have had a clue which direction to head. But there is more: our car was actually recovered and two of the men were caught (also very rare). I believe these men will be saved yet!”


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