This bit isn’t exactly from a branch, but we knew you’d want to rejoice with us: Fred”* was one of the first unbelieving Jewish doctors to respond to our testimonies book, Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician. Fred was intrigued enough to contact Jack Sternberg, one of the believing doctors from the book (his Christian wife had given it to him), but would back off as soon as he felt himself too close to belief in Jesus. Well, not long ago, Dr. Sternberg forwarded us this news from Fred: “About a month ago, I told my wife that I had enough with this Jesus business and did not give a d___ about my salvation. Three seconds later, while standing by our bedroom window with our baby in my arms, I saw a pale blue light, felt a lot of heat, and then there was an explosion that set off our smoke alarms. We weren’t hurt, but after nearly getting struck by lightening I felt that God wanted me to get to know Him and to care about my own salvation. My wife witnessed the episode.

“I continued to hear from witnessing people who were born-again into Jesus. Finally, after much deliberation and fear about what the answer might be, knowing that it was something I had to do, I ‘took the plunge’ and prayed, confessed myself as a sinner and asked whether Jesus was the Messiah, and promised that if He is, I would follow Him. I knew right away that it was true, and for the first time I felt that I was moving on the right path toward our God, the God of Israel and the world.

“You were right!”

Anna Olson, former team member of the Liberated Wailing Wall, works at our San Francisco headquarters, but she also recently led our short-term drama team. She reports, “We had an awesome meeting at Rohoboth Baptist Church in Clyde, NC. Afterwards I met Marvin, a Jewish believer in Jesus who had seen my LWW team in 1994 before he was saved. He said seeing our team had caused him to seriously consider the gospel. Praise God for giving me the opportunity to see today’s fruit from yesterday’s labor!”

From the CIS, Leonid Wasserman reports, “I wondered why Isaevich K. kept making excuses every time I called to set up a meeting. Finally I learned that he’s planning to move to Australia. When he went to a synagogue to find Jewish connections in Australia, he was warned to be very careful not to contact Jews for Jesus! Well, we finally met with him and he asked for a Bible. Please pray for Isaevich to accept Jesus.” [Ed: who knows, he could end up becoming part of the firstfruit of our Australia work!]

Also from the CIS, thanks to those of you who have been praying for the Decapolis Witnessing campaign, our mini-outreaches to every city in the former Soviet Union, where there are at least 25,000 Jewish people. Small groups of Jews for Jesus outreach workers and volunteers have visited the following cities with the good news of Jesus: Donetsk, Mariupol, Zaparouhia, True Tzar, Nikolaev, Kishniov, Vinitza, Zhitomer, Lvov, Moscow and Tbilisi. As of this writing, outreach is still in progress, but thus far we have hand delivered 1,695,441 gospel tracts. 4,170 Jewish peple have given their names and addresses to receive further information about Jesus. 146 unbelieving Jewish people have come to faith in Jesus! 6,894 unbelieving Gentiles have given their names and addresses to receive further information about Jesus, and 856 have come to faith in Him! Praise God!

Also, thanks to those who have been praying for Messiah’s Shofar in Germany (October newsletter). During the team’s first two-week tour, they not only sang in ten churches, but also had personal visits with 31 unbelieving Jewish people. So far, they have seen seven Jewish people come to faith in Christ. Praise God and keep praying!

*not his real name