Each year during the Advent season, Jews for Jesus branches step up our street evangelism. As holiday shoppers are buzzing around looking for a bargain, we’re on the streets looking for the holiday shoppers! They’re not hard to find as they travel in droves. When we find them, we give them broadsides (gospel tracts) explaining the Reason for the Season. One popular broadside for the season is titled, On the First Day of Christmas, My Rabbi Gave to Me…”

We are always pleased when churches join in to help spread the message. Last year I was joined by Pastor Dave, who brought five teens from his church in Orland, CA. They wanted to experience urban evangelism, and more specifically, they wanted to learn how to witness to Jewish people.

Some of the teenagers were overwhelmed by the city, having come from a rural community. Yet each had a real desire to tell others of the personal relationship they had with the Lord. I was impressed by their knowledge of Scripture and by their serious attitude toward sharing their faith.

After an orientation lesson, I took the group to the corner of Powell and Market streets, a very busy corner where the famous trolley ride to Fisherman’s Wharf begins. At first, the teens seemed terrified as they observed me handing out tracts. Every few minutes I would turn aside to explain one thing or another. Pastor Dave took a bundle of tracts and began giving them to passersby. At this point the teens were still a bit scared.

On the following day I presented one of our standard lectures about street evangelism and then we all went to the busy shopping area down-town. Pastor Dave and I each took a few of the teens. The seven of us distributed 1,500 tracts in just under two hours. Most importantly, all of the teens enjoyed the outing and recognized its importance.

That night we went to a Jews for Jesus Hanukkah party. The next morning, Pastor Dave took the group out on another tract-passing expedition. I joined them later for a time of debriefing, prayer and good-byes. Their stay in the big city included sightseeing, Chinese food, fellowship and fun. However, when I asked them what their favorite part of the time had been, all five teens said that handing out tracts was the best. (Pastor Dave agreed.) Many youth groups travel oversees for “short term” mission trips. Others, however, discover a mission field only a few hours away.

We would love to help invest in your church’s future by spending some time with your missions-minded youth. If you would like to help us hand out tracts in the next few weeks, give us a call. (Our Jews for Jesus Journal in September provided a list of our missionary stations.) Or begin planning now for next year’s winter break!


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