From Berkeley, branch leader David Mishkin reports, When Joel contacted Tiferet Israel (a local messianic congregation that began as a Jews for Jesus Bible study), Pastor Scott Rubin involved me in the follow-up. Joel sounded like a new believer, but as I spoke with him I realized that he was actually a “near believer.” He thought that Jesus was the Messiah, but did not know how he should respond. I explained the need to repent and ask Jesus to be Lord of his life, and Joel promptly did so, praying with me over the phone that night!”

From our San Francisco Headquarters, editor Ruth Rosen reports, “Last month we told you about Carol, a Jewish woman who called after seeing our web-site, and made her leap of faith over the telephone. It has been a joy to keep in touch with Carol, who is eagerly telling others what Yeshua (Jesus) has done for her. It seems that Carol and her (adult) niece Liz had been comparing notes on their ‘spiritual quest’ for some time. When Carol told Liz that she’d become a believer in Jesus, Liz wasn’t as upset as some family members, but she didn’t seem especially interested either. Yet several weeks later, Liz was questioning Carol about the changes in her life, and it all came down to Jesus. Carol had the joy of praying with Liz as she helped her niece over the last hurdles to faith just as we had helped her!”

Bob reports from Australia, “I met a Christian from Melbourne on the Internet—which led to an opportunity to speak at a church in Melbourne months later. Among those who attended was Merrilyn, a Jewish woman who has been attending the parish for six years. In speaking to her I discovered she’d never been baptized. Turns out that she had never actually chosen to follow Christ. After the service she prayed with me to give her heart to Him. Harry (a Jewish man to whom I witnessed last year when I was in Melbourne) also attended the meeting. Harry seems to be moving closer to faith. Please pray for his salvation.”

From Los Angeles, missionary Karol Joseph reports, “While handing out tracts at UCLA, I met an older Jewish man named Irving. He happened to be visiting from Australia and stopped to tell me that it was ‘very interesting’ that he should receive another Jews for Jesus pamphlet as he had recently encountered a Jew for Jesus on the street in Melbourne. This time he gave his name, address and phone number to receive further information.” (We are still deciding how to proceed with plans for Australia, but there is enough groundwork laid to be able to follow up seekers like Irving.)

From Orange County, Rob reports, “About six months ago Michael was quite open to the gospel. In fact, he was attending an evangelical church in San Diego with a friend. He was separated from his wife, was struggling and, perhaps because of his struggles, was willing to meet with me.

“Michael and his wife reconciled, and his interest in the gospel seemed to diminish. He felt that it would be a waste of time for us to continue meeting and I agreed to give him some space.

“I waited awhile and then called Michael to see if anything had changed. I left a message asking him to let me know if he was interested in getting together, and was somewhat surprised when he called to arrange a meeting. I was pleased to hear that Michael had been reading Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict. We met yet again and I could tell that Michael was increasingly open.

“Sure enough, before long I received a phone call from a very apologetic Michael, who said he was sorry that he had waited a week before letting me know that he had become a believer!”

From Ukraine, Galya reports, “We have been receiving a great deal of mail from Dnepropetrovsk, one of the cities where we had a witnessing Campaign. I was delighted to see letters from three members of one Jewish family: the father, mother and grown daughter. Each had received a different broadside and all three requested more literature from Jews for Jesus. The whole family (Vera, Olga and Arcadia) wants to know about their Messiah. Praise Jesus!”

From Moscow, outreach worker Ella Libkina reports, “After our Sabbath meeting I began speaking with Naum, an older (93 to be precise!) nevertheless, vivacious man. Naum had attended our services often, but had never seen the need to repent. He thought of himself as a righteous person because he had done good works. I explained that all people are sinners, and that the worst sin we can commit is that of disbelief. Naum agreed and repented! I praise the Lord who saves people, according to His timing and not our age!”