So here I am running for my telephone as its ringing interrupts me for the fourth time.

Hello, this is Bruce, can I help you?”

“Yes, do you do Jews for Jesus?” the nervous voice at the other end inquired.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, this is Jews for Jesus, right?”

Trying to be patient, I replied “Yes, can I help you?” I am responsible for the department that schedules all our missionaries from our headquarters in San Francisco, and my initial hope that this was a pastor interested in our Christ in the Passover presentation was fast fading. Then came the kicker.

“I am Jewish, and I received your name from a friend. I think I want to accept Jesus.”

At first I thought this must be a prank call, but as Steve continued to talk I knew he was serious. Yeshua (Jesus) was giving me the opportunity to lead Steve to Him.

At that point, I don’t know who was more nervous, Steve or me! After all, I’m still a relatively new staff member, and it’s not every day that I receive a call like this.

I invited Steve to join me in a prayer of repentance, asking Jesus to be Lord of his life. Steve agreed, and I asked him to repeat my words and make them his own prayer.

As I began to pray and listen for his response, I couldn’t help being amazed. Even here in our Department Of Mobile Evangelism—where half a dozen of our staff are talking on the telephone at the same time—God is working. While we’re calling pastors, God is calling us, wanting us to be always ready to do His work. I pray that God will help me to approach a ringing telephone with a fresh outlook and a sense of anticipation. For truly, God can call on us when we least expect it.