God wants us to rejoice every day, but often we find ourselves rejoicing more when we celebrate particular holidays or life events. While there is nothing wrong with using particular occasions as a time to rejoice, I think we need to be careful how we celebrate.

Too much rejoicing over the events and conditions of life can be very hurtful. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement over a new birth without realizing that the focus on babies can leave the childless couple feeling like outsiders. The glee that some express over each new marriage can leave a single person feeling bereft. The joy of acquiring new things (a home, a job) can remind others that they have little. Similarly, excitement over holiday celebrations can leave some brothers and sisters feeling left out in the cold.

I’m not saying that we should avoid expressing joy over the blessings God provides. Yet we should be careful, especially during this holiday season, to be thoughtfully concerned about the feelings of others. Look to include people in your plans by sharing your family, your home or whatever blessings God has given to you. As we include people, it’s best to avoid an ostentatious show of joy in what we have (except, of course, the joy we have in our relationship with the Lord).

The world says, If you have it, flaunt it.” The Lord reminds us that all flesh is as grass that withers. But while we still have a little bit of green in us, let’s be careful to be part of God’s lawn and uphold the other blades as best we can.