December 1997 Newsletter (5758:4)

Peace Child
December 1, 1997

Sometimes the prospect of peace seems hopeless and dim, but God has a way of turning around even the darkest situation. Missionary-anthropologist Don Richardson tells how God opened the hearts of tribal peoples in New Guinea to the gospel. The Sawi people were a violent society of headhunters who practiced cannibalism and extolled craftiness. Yet…

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A Welcome Interruption
Author: Bruce Rapp

So here I am running for my telephone as its ringing interrupts me for the fourth time. Hello, this is Bruce, can I help you?” “Yes, do you do Jews for Jesus?” the nervous voice at the other end inquired. “Excuse me?” “I mean, this is Jews for Jesus, right?” Trying to be patient, I…

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Mission-Minded Youth Take Action
Author: David M.

Each year during the Advent season, Jews for Jesus branches step up our street evangelism. As holiday shoppers are buzzing around looking for a bargain, we’re on the streets looking for the holiday shoppers! They’re not hard to find as they travel in droves. When we find them, we give them broadsides (gospel tracts) explaining…

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Spiritual Stocking Stuffers

We have noticed that some people have a tradition of buying small gifts to stuff” into big boot-shaped bags made of felt. As Jews, we appreciate the importance of tradition, yet this one has some of us a bit mystified. Nevertheless we thought it would be fun to explore the practice of “stocking stuffing” on…

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A Message from Moishe: God Wants us to Rejoice But…
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Moishe Rosen

God wants us to rejoice every day, but often we find ourselves rejoicing more when we celebrate particular holidays or life events. While there is nothing wrong with using particular occasions as a time to rejoice, I think we need to be careful how we celebrate. Too much rejoicing over the events and conditions of…

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Author: Ruth Rosen

Hanukkah, (which means dedication) is known both as the festival of dedication and the festival of lights. Mentioned only once in the Bible (John 10:22), it commemorates the victory over the Syrian forces of Antiochus, who had desecrated the Temple and demanded to be worshiped as a god in human form. Much of the Hanukkah…

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Bits from the Branches

From Berkeley, branch leader David Mishkin reports, When Joel contacted Tiferet Israel (a local messianic congregation that began as a Jews for Jesus Bible study), Pastor Scott Rubin involved me in the follow-up. Joel sounded like a new believer, but as I spoke with him I realized that he was actually a “near believer.” He…

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