I’ve repeated over and again to our missionary staff what I believe to be an axiomatic truth from which Jews for Jesus should take our directions. The axiom is: It’s much easier to raise support than to be worthy of it.

This has a far broader meaning than gaining the prayer and financial support for Jews for Jesus projects and personnel. The broader meaning is: We can’t presume upon grace.

It is all too easy to become a carnal worker, one who wants every possible benefit for his or her labor, or pretense of labor. The believer of mature understanding wants to be the kind of person who does the right thing, in the right way, to the right extent for the honor of God.

Carnal Christians presume not only upon God’s grace, but also upon the graciousness of God’s people. The carnal Christian isn’t zealous for the truth and doesn’t really care if he or she exaggerates or shades the work reality of his or her ministry to make it “picturesquely dramatic.” Carnal Christians do all this, counting on God to forgive them though they are not sorry for their actions.

The tragic outcome of that sin is that some Christian workers make the people of God to be cynical, robbing them of the trust they ought to be able to have in those who name the name of Christ.

From time to time these people who presume upon grace are seized by the spirit of repentance, and every truly repentant person has God’s forgiveness. But even if they do not repent, we have the assurance that what is done for Christ will last.

A certain generous Christian gave sacrificially to one of the televangelists who was involved in a scandal a few years ago. I asked if he felt cheated. He mused for a moment then replied, “Deceived? Yes. Cheated? No.” I pressed him to explain the difference. He said he was deceived because the televangelist told him that his gift was going to be used for a certain project and it wasn’t. Then he added, “But I gave that to God as an act of worship. What the televangelist did with the money was wrong. He has to answer for that, but I’ll not lose my reward from God.”

We who are servants of Christ in ministry have a great responsibility when it comes to giving and receiving. Our dear friends support Jews for Jesus and trust us to use their moneys for God. We must seriously think in terms of how we can use that money to bring glory to the Lord. When we receive it, it is not our money to spend however seems right in our sight. It is consecrated money that becomes a part of our worship as well as that of our donors. This has always been our desire, and we hope you’ll join us in praying that we might always be worthy of your support.


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