One of our Chicago missionaries, Rahel Landrum, has been meeting with an Israeli woman named Ricki to study the Bible. Ricki’s Christian friend had begun the witness, then referred her to us for follow-up. The Bible studies helped to answer some of Ricki’s questions and concerns, and she recently found herself responding to an invitation on a Christian television program she saw! In faith, she committed her life to Christ and later told Rahel that after making her decision she felt that God was hugging” her. Ricki’s husband, Mark, is not yet a believer. Please keep this couple in prayer.

Sometimes seed falls on good ground and sometimes not. But occasionally the ground nearby is more fertile than where the seed was originally planted. From Odessa, Ukraine, Alexei reports: Some time ago, I was sad to discover that Emma, who had once prayed with one of our outreach workers to receive the Lord, does not believe that Yeshua is God, nor does she want to read the Scriptures. I took back the copy of the whole Bible I had given her so that someone else might benefit by reading it. She still has a copy of the New Testament—she doesn’t read that either, but her neighbors are quite eager to read it, and many among them are Jewish. One after another, they have been borrowing the New Testament from Emma. There has been so much interest that she has promised to arrange a meeting for her neighbors to be able to study the New Testament with me. Please pray for that meeting to take place soon and for Emma to be born again.

Leonid Kolker, one of our Russian outreach workers reports: I was on the train going from Razdelnaya, where I live, to Moscow. I was reading the Bible, when a young fellow sat down next to me. “Is it interesting?” he asked me smiling. “Very interesting,” I answered. The fellow’s name was Igor, and he was quite open to the gospel. When he found out that I serve with Jews for Jesus, he told me that his wife is Jewish though he is not. He mentioned that he has a New Testament at home, which I encouraged him to read. I invited him and his wife to attend our services. He gave me his name, address and telephone number so we could keep in touch.

Eric is a Jewish man who worked down the street from our old office in Los Angeles for years. Apparently he was unaware of our move because he recently walked into the building we used to rent (now occupied by a real estate company) and asked the new occupants if they could tell him about Jesus. The secretary was kind enough to call our branch and put Eric on the phone with Stan Meyer.

Eric insisted that he was just curious, that’s all, about how someone could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. He reluctantly agreed to meet with Stan, but when Stan went to Eric’s office on the appointed day, he wasn’t there. His boss was quite upset that Eric had not come in to work that day, nor had he called.

Stan called Eric later that night. It seems the city had never recorded Eric’s payment of a traffic ticket, and he had been arrested! While he was eventually released and charges dropped, Eric had spent the entire day in jail. He prayed that if Jesus was really the Son of God, He’d keep him safe with all these scary criminals around him! Eric emerged from the experience quite eager to meet with Stan!

Victoria Lannon, our outreach worker to the Russian community in Washington, D.C., has been meeting with a man named Lev (mentioned in our December 1995 newsletter) for about a year. Recently, Lev married a Jewish woman from Moscow. Victoria and her husband, Greg, met with the newlywed couple and told Natasha (Lev’s wife) about Jesus. When she heard the gospel, she asked, “What must I do to receive this?” That night she repented and trusted Jesus as her Savior. Victoria says, “How delightful it is to see the seeds I’ve planted in Lev come to fruition in his wife. Please pray for Lev’s salvation and Natasha’s growth.”