December 1996 Newsletter (5757:4)

The Unchanging Resolution
December 1, 1996

Are you planning any New Year’s resolutions? Many people resolve to make long overdue changes in their lives during this season. Some resolve to lose weight—to go on that diet they’ve been thinking about. Others resolve to spend less time watching...

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Holiday Hodgepodge
Topics: poetry

About the date on this month’s banner: This isn’t really the December newsletter and it isn’t really the January newsletter. It’s more like a combination—a holiday hodgepodge. We hope you’ll like it! —y.a. ed. (your affectionate editor)...

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The Gem
Topics: poetry

As I sift Within the sacred earth— Burrowing Searching Uncovering, I contemplate And reaching deep, Take hold Of Israel’s hope. A gem I find— The bright and morning star. And in my hand Eternal beauty Reigns And deigns To be mine, Its facets sharp, A two-edged...

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Israel Tour

Once again, we want to offer information for those friends who have asked if we lead tours to Israel. We don’t feel we can offer such tours as a missionary organization, but we can recommend Lon Solomon’s tour—each year we hear rave reviews” such as...

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The Best Birthday Present

I had my water baptism in February 1982, and afterward I told all my relatives about my faith in Jesus. My sister Rachel reacted with the most anger as she blurted out: You are not a Jew any more. You betrayed our God and our people, and I want nothing more to do with...

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A Christmas Present That Lasts

For many, Christmas is the time to wrap green and red packages, decorate trees with tinsel and silver bells—a time to go from door to door singing carols and perhaps get invited in for hot chocolate or spiced apple cider. For university students, it is that brief time...

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A Christmas Story

I was raised in the Bronx in New York City. Like many other Jewish boys who grew up there, I attended Talmud torah (Hebrew school) every day from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. There I learned Hebrew, Jewish history and Jewish culture, and I was taught the traditions and...

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Move Over, Rudolph

Myths are myths And facts are facts— We distribute gospel tracts! And we’ll continue to hand deliver each one, until camels can fly. Please pray for the tens of thousands of holiday shoppers who’ll be receiving our broadsides this...

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Sayings of Chairman Moishe: a Message to Jews for Jesus Supporters
Author: Moishe Rosen

I’ve repeated over and again to our missionary staff what I believe to be an axiomatic truth from which Jews for Jesus should take our directions. The axiom is: It’s much easier to raise support than to be worthy of it. This has a far broader meaning than...

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