The Liberated Wailing Wall bus broke down—again. This time it was in Queens, New York. The afternoon was half gone, and we had a meeting that evening in Princeton, New Jersey! Our meeting was at least a couple of hours away, and the bus was showing no signs of life. From my viewpoint, things looked bad.

I was trying to figure out how we could get to Princeton when I remembered something from my school days in Philadelphia.* Occasionally I had taken the train up to New York—and we’d passed Princeton. We could take the train! I did a bit of checking and sure enough, we could take the subway from Queens to Manhattan, then take a train directly to Princeton. I called the church, and our contact agreed to meet us at the station.

We couldn’t get to our sound equipment; it was in the bus bays (storage compartments). Those bays air-lock shut and it takes power to unlock them—power we didn’t have.

We did have costumes on board, plus some of our instruments. We grabbed them and rushed off for the long subway ride into Manhattan. From there, we rushed to the train. We were doing our best, but it did not seem like we would make it in time.

Our train arrived at 7:15 and the presentation was scheduled for 7:30. The congregation sang hymns as we found the dressing rooms and practically dove into our costumes. Glenn Harris (our missionary in New Jersey and a former leader of The Liberated Wailing Wall) was there, setting up our instruments. We swept into the sanctuary and gave a full program.

Each song spoke to me of God’s power to work wonders. I joyfully proclaimed that our God is an amazing God! At the end of the presentation, I invited people to speak with us if they wanted to ask Yeshua into their life. One Jewish man approached me, his wife hovering in the background. He said, Hi, my name is Lee. I want to ask Jesus into my heart, and I want you to show me how.”

I prayed with Lee as he asked Yeshua to be his Savior! I’d only been with Jews for Jesus for a few months, and this was my first opportunity to lead anyone in such a prayer. After the prayer I looked up to see Glenn Harris standing by, awaiting an introduction. I smiled, knowing that Glenn would encourage Lee in personal Bible study and fellowship.

Our bus had lost power, but God surely hadn’t! No dead bus could hold Him back! He made sure we were where He wanted us, when He wanted us. Even better, His power can deliver spiritual travelers from far more than a disabled vehicle as He puts them on the road to Salvation!

*Amer is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He is a talented artist, musician, all around pleasant fellow and he is single.


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Amer Olson | New York

Missionary, NYC Leadership Team

Amer Olson is a senior missionary at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. In addition to studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Amer received his theological training at All Nations Christian College. Amer’s wife, Paige, is also an artist. They have five children: Josiah, Abigail, Zechariah, Samantha and Benjamin.

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