During the NYC Campaign, Chaplain Iva Conrad witnessed to an Israeli woman named Sharona. Well, Sharona is back in Israel now and very open to a visit. I also contact referrals from Russian Jewish believers in Brooklyn. They ask me to visit their friends in Israel. Sometimes the referrals work out; sometimes they don’t. I keep calling. One elderly couple in a suburb of Jerusalem was delighted to receive me—and all the more so when they realized I am not Orthodox and would eat dinner with them. During that particular visit, the wife, Klara, expressed profound curiosity about how Minna, her friend of 50 years, could find so much peace in Yeshua. Pray for Klara to find the truth about Yeshua.

One evening last week I had an international follow-up evening in the Ashkelon area. I took off in a rental car; first I visited Gabi, a contact from our Paris Witnessing Campaign. Gabi is in his twenties and lives with his parents. His father is a rabbi. I asked him and his mother how the father would react to Gabi’s inquiries about Yeshua and they agreed that it would not go well with him. I moved the visit along and just as we were finishing, the rabbi came home. He said hello to me and quickly left, as did I.

Then I visited the daughter of a Jewish believer in Jesus from our South African work. Rosemary volunteers at a kibbutz. She seems to believe somewhat in Jesus but has not yet committed her life to the Lord.

Next I drove off to find a contact from our London branch. I stopped to look up directions on a wall-side map. As I walked back to the car, a terrible auto accident occurred. I saw a car flip over and crash into a lamp post. I ran to the car to help another man free the trapped driver as gas spilled out of his upside-down car. We got the driver out of harm’s way. By that time police and ambulances were arriving. It was time to get back to my visits. What an evening—several visits and one rescue attempt. Then again, the visits were rescue attempts as well. Please pray for Gabi, Rosemary and other Jewish contacts from around the world who have made their way to Israel.