December 1995 Newsletter (5756:4)

Casting the Net” in the ’90s”
December 1, 1995

And He said to them, Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish (John 21:6). We’ve expanded our outreach to make use of the Internet! Many...

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In the Waiting Room for a Divine Appointment
Author: Lynn McCoy

Lynn Wein, a veteran missionary from our LA branch, took part in our NYC Campaign. She was thrilled to see how God orchestrated encounters with Jews and non-Jews alike. Her report illustrates one such encounter: I had just arrived for a two-hour stint of witnessing in...

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The Message That Moves: Especially in Argentina

What keeps us going? (Besides the obvious …the Lord!) Vans keep us going and greatly increase our evangelism. This year we purchased two for our work in Argentina. The Buenos Aires branch is struggling to raise support locally and could not cover the cost of the...

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Secular Media Prints Good News for a Change

Believe it or not, the secular media will print the good news of Jesus—for a price. Missionary Valerie Cymes in Washington, D.C., says, Some of my most open contacts come through this outreach. One Jewish woman, Felicia, called our office after seeing our gospel ad in...

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Carols and Candlelight Services: How They Helped Two Jews Find Jesus: Part Two
Author: Steve Cohen

An excerpt from Disowned The following excerpts come from two story booklets. If you can’t wait to see how a story ends, please do not read these two pages! If you enjoy tasty appetizers and are willing to send away for one or both stories, read on! On February...

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From Our Israel Correspondent

During the NYC Campaign, Chaplain Iva Conrad witnessed to an Israeli woman named Sharona. Well, Sharona is back in Israel now and very open to a visit. I also contact referrals from Russian Jewish believers in Brooklyn. They ask me to visit their friends in Israel....

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There Is Power
Author: Amer Olson

The Liberated Wailing Wall bus broke down—again. This time it was in Queens, New York. The afternoon was half gone, and we had a meeting that evening in Princeton, New Jersey! Our meeting was at least a couple of hours away, and the bus was showing no signs of life....

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