I met Patricia when her friend suggested that she contact Jews for Jesus. The friend had heard one of our missionaries give a presentation at her church and had recognized our ministry as a solution to Patricia’s problems.

Patricia, a Jewish woman, was married to a non-Jewish man. When the time came to decide how to raise their children, Patricia consulted a local minister. He said it didn’t really matter if she believed in the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, etc. He would confirm and baptize her into his church anyway so that her children could be brought up with a solid religious foundation.”

Patricia agreed and attended that church for several years. When I met her, she seemed confused. Although she had five copies of the Bible in her house, she was not familiar with, nor assured of, the content of God’s Word.

I showed Patricia Isaiah 7:14. She said, “I didn’t know that was in the Bible. And it was really written hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth?” We read through most of John 1, and she was astonished. She had heard much preaching, but the Bible had never spoken to her with such clarity. She wanted to know more.

Shortly after that, Patricia attended our Jews for Jesus Friday night Bible study and told me she felt like she had come home. She didn’t have a particularly religious Jewish upbringing, but her roots were a strong influence on her spiritual perspective.

A few days later Patricia attended a Bible study in my home. After we finished, she fired questions at me. We had read through passages in Romans pertaining to faith and salvation and she wanted to know what it meant to be “saved from sin.” After one of the believers sitting next to her explained the answer, I asked Patricia if she wanted to ask Yeshua to forgive her personally and come into her life, and she said yes!

All seven of us in the room prayed the prayer of commitment with Patricia. When we finished, she opened her eyes and beamed at us. That same week she visited another local church that was much different than the first one she had attended. The minister enrolled her for discipleship classes and introduced her to another Jewish believer in the congregation.

All along Patricia had only wanted to know the truth. She had been searching and was ready for any answer. Sometimes Christians are afraid that people don’t want to hear the gospel, and they withhold it from those who are actually hungry for God’s truth.

The minister who misled Patricia all those years may have been afraid of offending her. Instead, he caused the biggest offense—years of confusion. Let us dare to be faithful, fearless, straightforward messengers of God’s Word!