Advent season often makes Jewish people uncomfortable. All the talk and celebrations about Jesus make many feel out of synch” in a largely Gentile society. Yet though they may feel threatened by Christmas, thinking Jewish people cannot help but wonder at times if the carols and stories about Jesus just might be true. Advent season often raises questions in Jewish minds that caring Christian friends would love to answer:

Question #1: How can a man become God as Christians teach?

Answer: Christians do not believe that a man became God, but just the opposite. The Bible teaches that God became man in order to communicate His love toward us. If God is God, He is great enough to do anything He wants, even become a man.

Question #2: How can I ever believe in a religion that teaches that a virgin can have a child? It goes against the laws of nature.

Answer: God is supreme over His creation. He brought the laws of nature into effect, and He can suspend any of them at will to carry out His purposes. The Torah (Pentateuch) records many miracles that God performed for the Israelites. To mention just a few, He parted the Red Sea when He brought Israel out of Egypt; He stopped the sun from setting so Joshua could win a battle; He allowed Sarah to become pregnant with Isaac when she was far past childbearing age; He provided the Children of Israel with daily food (manna) in the desert for forty years.

Question #3: How can Jesus be the Messiah when He didn’t fulfill the prophecies about Messiah bringing peace on earth?

Answer: If all the Jewish people had accepted Jesus as their Messiah the first time He came, He would have brought about the Kingdom of God on earth at that time. The peace that Jesus brings today is not necessarily a cessation of war, but a peace of heart that, the Bible says, surpasses all human understanding. Even though much of the world is at war, we who know Jesus the Messiah can have peace of mind and a peaceful relationship with one another in the midst of earthly turmoil.

There cannot be lasting peace on earth until all humanity undergoes a change of heart that will make God’s Kingdom possible. This change is impossible without the new birth, the gift of God’s presence and power to all who accept Messiah’s atonement for sin. According to the prophet Zechariah (12:10), eventually the whole nation of Israel will enter this change-of-heart experience along with believing Jews and Gentiles throughout the ages. At that time the Messiah will return to rule on David’s throne, and He will establish peace throughout the world.