December 1992 Newsletter (5753:3)

We Have Seen His Star
December 1, 1992
Author: Moishe Rosen

Imagine the amazement and consternation in Jerusalem when that delegation of foreign dignitaries appeared at Herod’s palace in search of the King of the Jews.” Even more puzzling was the fact that those Gentiles had brought gifts with them. From bitter experience, the Jews usually thought of the Gentile nations in terms of looting, pillaging…

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Who Needs It?” He Did!”
Author: Stephen Katz

I first met Howard when he walked into our headquarters office completely unannounced. In just a few minutes of conversation I knew that here was a Jewish man who was open and willing to discuss the claims of Jesus. When I asked Howard how he knew of Jews for Jesus and how he had found…

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A Holiday Dream
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Marty Verk

The air is cold and motionless. I can see my breath billowing out ever so slowly in front of me like puffs of smoke from a dragon’s nostrils. Sounds and smells of the Christmas season surround me. Salvation Army bells ring out their plea for loose change or an occasional bill. Chestnut peddlers entice chilled…

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Ner Tamid: the Eternal Light
Author: Andrew Barron

It was about 168 years before the Messiah would come, and Israel was in trouble. Conquered by the Greeks about a century and a half earlier, the nation was living under Gentile rule. At first Alexander the Great had been good to the Jews, but in time he died and his generals ruled after him….

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She Really Wanted the Truth
Topics: christmas
Author: Laura Barron

I met Patricia when her friend suggested that she contact Jews for Jesus. The friend had heard one of our missionaries give a presentation at her church and had recognized our ministry as a solution to Patricia’s problems. Patricia, a Jewish woman, was married to a non-Jewish man. When the time came to decide how…

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The Common and the Eliteā€”An Advent Meditation
Topics: christmas
Author: Lois Solberg

I’m so glad it’s Advent season so I can write about a wonderful discovery a friend and I made about the Christmas story. We were listening to a slightly off-beat analysis of that great event. The narrator described the shepherds as the common laborers of their time. He said that in those days, if you…

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Season of Wonder, Season of Light
Topics: christmas

I am troubled by the commercialism that surrounds the commemoration of Yeshua’s birth. If tinsel, toys, candy canes, artificial snow and shopping for gifts are the only components of the holiday season, perhaps Dr. Seuss’ legendary Grinch, who tried to steal Christmas, was doing right after all. If our celebration of the Savior’s birth does…

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Christmas Questions
Topics: christmas

Advent season often makes Jewish people uncomfortable. All the talk and celebrations about Jesus make many feel out of synch” in a largely Gentile society. Yet though they may feel threatened by Christmas, thinking Jewish people cannot help but wonder at times if the carols and stories about Jesus just might be true. Advent season…

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The Christmas Dilemma
Topics: poetry, christmas

Why can’t we have a Christmas tree? All of my friends have one! Why do we have to be different?” Every year the Christmas dilemma plagues Jewish families who live in countries that are oriented to Christian culture. Throughout the year Jewish people all over the world struggle with the question of their Jewish identity,…

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