There are other things you can give or do that would count for much:

1. SEND US A FRIEND! As you sit down to address your Christmas cards, check the names of the people on your list. Note those you think might take an interest and pray for our Jews for Jesus ministry. Send us their names and addresses, and we will mail them a sample of our Jews for Jesus Newsletter. That will give them a chance to become acquainted with our ministry. If they do not respond, we will discontinue sending them our material.

2. PRAY FOR US. Prayer is the most expensive and generous gift you can give us. If we could buy the sincere prayer and petitions of God’s people (which, of course, we cannot), that would be the largest budget item for our Jews for Jesus ministry.

A serious commitment to intercessory prayer is far from easy. It means regular petition for our staff. It involves envisioning a world of Jewish people and asking God that many might have open and willing hearts to seek him.

As you read our Newsletter, pray for individual staff members that God might give them the strength, vision, zeal and spiritual renewal they need on a day-to-day basis. As you read their missionary reports, pray for the unbelievers they have mentioned by name or description. As you read about our many branches, pause to contemplate each one. Pray for a moving of the Holy Spirit upon each branch leader and each missionary and administrative worker in that branch, to the end that there might be a great harvest of souls.

3. Send us theological books. We are compiling a Jews for Jesus reference library and you just might have some theological books or publications on Judaica that we could use. (Please consult us before sending any books.)

Or Act Now to Give Money Later

Consider a contribution in the form of a Charitable Gift Annuity or through the Jews for Jesus Pooled Income Fund. These are two unique ways to give deferred gifts to Jews for Jesus while retaining a current income stream for yourself and still receiving the tax benefits for this year.

The CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY is an excellent way to insure a sizeable future gift to our ministry while establishing a stable, fixed stream of income now for you or your beneficiary. When an annuity is written, regular payments to the donor are guaranteed. At the same time, a portion is treated as a charitable gift, making future funds available to help us proclaim the gospel to the Jewish people. Current and future charitable gift tax exclusions apply when establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity.

The JEWS FOR JESUS POOLED INCOME FUND also allows you to give a sizeable gift, receive a significant tax benefit and establish an income stream. The POOLED INCOME FUND is a carefully managed fund that seeks to take full advantage of market opportunities. A gift to the Fund is a deferred gift to Jews for Jesus. However, it also establishes regular interest income payments for the donor, while allowing a portion of the gift to be excluded from taxes in 1990. (Please be sure to consult your tax advisor.)

If you are fifty-five years of age or older and want to learn more about either of these two ways to give in time to receive 1990 tax benefits you must act immediately. Call Tuvya Zaretsky, Director of Development, at (415) 864-2600; via FAX at (415) 552-8325; or evening number (415) 647-6030, and request the application form and disclosure statements for the Jews for Jesus CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY and POOLED INCOME FUND.

BUT—even if you cannot give any of the above—

Just give a thought to the fact that we need you and love you and that we are thankful to God for any degree of friendship, concern and encouragement you can offer us.


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