December 1990 Newsletter (5751:2)

If You Want to Help the Jews for Jesus Ministry but Cannot Give Money at This Time…
November 1, 1990

There are other things you can give or do that would count for much: 1. SEND US A FRIEND! As you sit down to address your Christmas cards, check the names of the people on your list. Note those you think might take an interest and pray for our Jews for Jesus ministry. Send us…

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The Power of His Coming
Author: Moishe Rosen

Many non-Christians become annoyed or even angry when we believers try to tell them about our Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps they feel threatened by the idea of an all-powerful being who demands their allegiance. Nevertheless, they seem to relent a bit at Christmas time, perhaps because a story about angels and a sweet baby in…

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He Said He Believed in Santa Claus
Author: Stan Meyer

Busy shoppers tromped through the downtown slush and snow. The Christmas shopping season was underway, and I sprinted back and forth, trying to hand a tract to each shopper who passed my corner. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one man studying the tract I had handed him. So, what do you…

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What In The World…Is Happening?
Topics: hanukkah

From its beginning two decades ago as a San Francisco Bay Area ministry to the Jewish flower children, God quickly enlarged our Jews for Jesus ministry to national scope. Now he has enlarged the stakes of our tent to cover some international outposts, and as he leads we envision an even more extensive international ministry…

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Hanukkah in Tradition, Worship, and the Ministry of Jesus
Author: Rich Robinson

  Date Begins on the 25th of Kislev (falling in November or December). Duration Lasts for eight days. Meaning of Name Feast of Dedication. Other Name Festival of Lights. Important sources of information First and Second Maccabees; Josephs, Antiquities 12:7; John 10:22; Sabbat 21b (in the Talmud). History Historically Hanukkah recounts the victory of the…

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New Posts

From time to time we move our staff missionaries from one Jews for Jesus branch to another. These changes are carefully planned to accomplish definite objectives and are made for the good of the ministry. While our people usually look forward to new horizons, practical problems do arise. There are always adjustments to be made,…

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Job Opportunities

Even if you are not an evangelist, maybe you could take a position on the cutting edge of evangelism with Jews for Jesus. We have several salaried positions open at our San Francisco headquarters for the right people. (All positions include full medical and dental benefits.) If you love the Lord and have a heart…

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