Several months ago a Christian woman called our office. Since one of our presentations at a church in her area, Dory had been receiving our Newsletter. She had recently met a Jewish woman named Lisa who was quite interested in Jesus, and they had discussed the subject a number of times. Some of Lisa’s questions were related to her remaining Jewish, and Dory hoped that I could call her.

God was working in Lisa’s life. Later that week, when I called her for the first time, she was very receptive and willing to talk about Jesus and the Scriptures. However, unknown to Dory, Lisa or me, God was also working miraculously in the life of Lisa’s five-year-old son.

I began to meet with Lisa every few weeks. The first time I visited, Dory came along. I also met Lisa’s two children and their greyhound guard-dog” who affectionately jumped up at me whenever I visited. He wanted to play more than he wanted to guard.

Visiting Lisa was always an encouraging experience. Whenever I suggested certain Scripture passages for her to read, she would always study them prior to my next visit. She asked good, sincere questions. We talked about messianic prophecies, the importance of atonement, human resistance to God, Jesus’ death and resurrection and how Yeshua’s atonement was God’s means of dealing with the human sin problem.

Each time I visited, Lisa seemed closer to accepting Jesus. I explained what taking that step entailed. The first time I asked if she wanted to take that step, she replied that she was not quite ready, but that she was getting closer to making a commitment.

A few weeks later when I visited again, she was even closer to making a faith commitment. However because it was evening and right around bedtime for the children, Lisa felt that the setting was not peaceful enough for her to pray at that time. Justin, Lisa’s son, seemed especially active that evening. Though I often encouraged Lisa’s husband to join our conversations because he too was sensing God’s hand in his life, I had never considered having Justin join us because he was so young. I see now that I was unintentionally neglecting Jesus’ command, “Permit little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

I scheduled another time two weeks later to visit again with Lisa and her husband after the children’s bedtime. We felt that it would be a more peaceful time to talk without the children’s interruptions. Praise God, because that night Lisa took the step of faith to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I rejoiced with Lisa as she made this eternally significant decision. In the next few days, however, Lisa’s five-year-old son, Justin, became more rebellious than usual. Yet, whenever Lisa talked to Justin about Jesus, she saw a change in him. He even had tears in his eyes, but as soon as the subject changed, Justin’s disposition changed for the worse.

I met with Lisa and her husband again the following week. One of the topics we discussed was Justin’s behavior. I told them that children are not different from adults. They too are resistant to God and need to come to grips with Jesus—God’s solution to the problem. I said it was very possible that a child, even at the age of five, could sincerely make a decision to follow the Messiah. Though I said it, I still wasn’t thinking about talking to Justin about Yeshua myself. But God had other plans.

This time my visit was in the morning. On his way home from school, Justin always stopped at a neighbor’s house. That day, he knew I was at his house talking to his parents, and he had some questions for me. He called home from the neighbor’s house and asked his parents if he could talk to the “Jesus man.” As I answered Justin’s questions about God and Jesus, I realized Justin was truly open to God, and that I should not hinder him from making a commitment. I explained the gospel in simple terms and asked Justin if he wanted Jesus to come into his heart. Justin said “Yes,” and we prayed!

I learned from Lisa that there was a big change in Justin since that day. Every time I had visited Lisa, I had always focused the evangelism toward her and her husband. I had never anticipated the plans God might have for the rest of her family. How easily I had forgotten that God is concerned with every one of us. Before him we are all as little children who need to come to him (Matthew 18:3).

Editor’s Note: We do not instruct or evangelize minor children without the consent of their parents or guardians. We are so happy that Lisa and her husband did want Art Weiner to speak to Justin about faith in Yeshua.


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