Working with Jews for Jesus I have come to see how God superintends his will upon our lives as well as on those to whom we minister. Sometimes I see myself as a tool God is using to repair lives, and his timing is always perfect.

Over the past month, I have had the privilege of leading five people to God, but their individual paths varied. Two men, one Jewish and the other a Gentile, called our Jews for Jesus office in Los Angeles on the same day. Each had received one of our broadsides (gospel tracts) on the street. Since I was the only missionary in the office at the time, I spoke to both of them.

The Jewish man said he had thought about Jesus for several years. He believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, but felt that he didn’t have the special relationship with God that was available to him. I asked if he would like to pray with me so he could receive all that God had for him in Yeshua, and he did. The Gentile man had received a tract in Beverly Hills. Before that, he had felt completely confused about life’s meaning. After reading the tract, he could think of nothing except calling Jews for Jesus. After I showed him that God holds all the answers to life’s problems, he also prayed with me to receive the Lord. If all of this sounds too easy, I can only say that when it’s the Lord’s timing, nothing could be simpler.

Another incident held great fascination for me. About five months earlier, I had received Dennis’ name from a Gentile believer. Dennis was a Jewish man who did not yet know the Messiah. When I contacted him, he said he was going through what he termed a mid-life crisis and was thinking of selling his small business. I asked Dennis if he would be open to hearing from me again some time in the future, and he said he wouldn’t mind.

About four months passed before I called Dennis again to see how he was doing. As we talked, I learned that he had just finished a long conversation with his secretary. She was the Gentile believer who had sent me his name, and they had talked about Jews who believe in Jesus. At the end of their conversation, Dennis had asked the secretary to contact someone from Jews for Jesus with whom he could discuss these things. At that point, that very same evening, God had laid it upon my heart to call Dennis. He recognized that my call had been orchestrated by God. About two weeks later, I met with Dennis in person and he asked Yeshua into his heart.

It’s really wonderful to see God working out his plan of salvation and using me as his instrument.