December 1988 Newsletter (5749:2)

Advent Rage
December 1, 1988
Topics: christmas
Author: Moishe Rosen

Kettle bells jingle. Toes, ears and noses tingle. Carols waft , through the air, and everyone is trying to project joy, peace and goodwill. The spirit of the Advent season is upon us, and most people are enjoying it. Once again it’s time to extend our gospel outreach through the secular media. Our ads will…

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Merry Christmas—Jewish Style: How to Include Jewish Friends and Neighbors in Your Celebration
Author: Moishe Rosen

Christians can use this special season to share the good news of Messiah in a sensitive manner. Here are some answers to the most frequent questions concerning the Christmas season and the Jewish people.

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Even the Paper Chase Is Not in Vain
Topics: hanukkah

In Jewish evangelism administration is a necessary evil.” Without someone to handle preparation and organization, administrative work could easily tie the hands of the missionaries. I am a missionary with Jews for Jesus and over the past four years I’ve been ministering in Los Angeles as office manager. I find this a satisfying way to…

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Hag Hanukkah
Author: Murray Tilles

Hanukkah is a wonderful time of year when Jewish families set aside special time to be together and remember how, many years ago, God delivered our people and the Temple from the hands of the Syrians. We also recall the miracle of the oil, the legend of God’s intervention in keeping the ner tamid (eternal…

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A Change of Plans and Maybe a Change of Heart
Author: Steve Cohen

Enroute from Los Angeles to take up my newly assigned post in Boston, I was scheduled to show our Jews for Jesus film Still Not Ashamed! at a church in Las Vegas. Everything went according to plan—until the film projector, which was quite old, slipped the film. After about 10 minutes of trying to make…

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Topics: commitment
Author: Lois Solberg

Lord, so often I wonder about Mary, the mother of Jesus, especially at Christmastime. According to tradition she was so young, only fourteen. I often wonder: Was she the first young woman the Angel Gabriel approached about bearing the Messiah? Did others count the cost and turn him down? Clearly Mary consented by her statement…

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God’s Timing
Topics: christmas
Author: Rob Wertheim

Working with Jews for Jesus I have come to see how God superintends his will upon our lives as well as on those to whom we minister. Sometimes I see myself as a tool God is using to repair lives, and his timing is always perfect. Over the past month, I have had the privilege…

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Will the Star Shine Again?

When the wise men came to Bethlehem seeking the newborn King of the Jews, they followed a star. Later, when Yeshua in his earthly ministry taught of his return in the latter days, he spoke of another visible sign in the sky: Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven; and…

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