December 1986 Newsletter (5747:2)

Recipe for a Holiday Tradition
December 1, 1986

It was an ordinary bare brown grapevine wreath hanging among many others in a local craft shop. It seemed to be waiting—for a pair of hands to fasten ribbons, bows, a spray of dried flowers on it, to give it color and life. Such wreaths are typically displayed at Christmas to grace a front door, […]

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Twelve Great Christmas Gift Suggestions

1. Give your parents the words, I love you.” 2. Give your children a full day of your time. 3. Give an ear to someone who needs a listener. 4. Give a hand to someone less strong. 5. Give an old friend an unexpected visit. 6. Give a former neighbor a phone call. 7. Give […]

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Which Star Are You Following?
Author: Moishe Rosen

When you were born did people come to welcome you from faraway places? Did strangers bring you expensive gifts? Did they find your house by following a star? If you are like the rest of us mortals, your parents probably received a telegram from Uncle Oscar in Hoboken, a recycled greeting card with an illegible […]

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Anatomy of a Conversion
Author: Larry Brandt

We Jews for Jesus often go to great lengths to bring the gospel to our Jewish brethren. We prepare diligently and offer carefully thought-out arguments for the reasonableness of our faith in Yeshua. Sometimes when we don’t see instant results we are tempted to wonder who is doing more of the work—we or God! But […]

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My Own Private Miracle

About four years ago I became a believer in Jesus Christ. Looking back on it, I consider this event a miracle. Like most Jewish people, I was taught from an early age that Jews do not believe in Jesus. That teaching was reinforced every year at Christmas. When other children were singing Christmas carols, trimming […]

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The Baby
Author: Holly R.

When the baby comes…” my mother said to me for what seemed like the hundredth time. “Baby, shmaby,” I thought to myself. I had been the center of my family’s attention for almost two years. Now my position of only grandchild was quickly coming to an end. I was really too young to understand all […]

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: From reading your Newsletter I’ve gotten the impression that your staff considers Jews superior to Gentiles because the Jews are God’s chosen people.” I see the phrase “to the Jew first” quite a bit. I believe that God takes us all the same, and no one group is better in his sight than another. […]

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Peace or Panic

It must be Christmastime. Lights are going up. Baking is going on. People are coming over. The breathless bustle over Jesus’ birthday has begun again. And the Christian embarks on his annual search for a saner way to celebrate the season. It is sad that those who have the most to celebrate should so often […]

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