Two in one day! It doesn’t happen very often that I get a chance in one day to pray with two Jewish people who want to receive Yeshua as their Messiah. Recently when it did happen, it was something to shout about.

A few weeks earlier, one of our missionaries had led a young Jewish woman to faith. She, in turn, had invited her boyfriend to come to our Tuesday night Bible study to find out more of what we believed. We have always found that the best sources of contacts for our missionary case loads are the friends and relatives of the Jewish people with whom we are already working, and such was the case here. Bob, the Jewish friend of the new believer, was interested and willing to meet with me and talk further about what his friend had discovered. We arranged to get together, and when we did, after about ten minutes I could see that the Holy Spirit had already convicted him of sin and he was ready to pray. I asked him if he believed that Jesus had come back from the dead after dying for his sins so that he, Bob, might be forgiven. To my delight, he said that he did believe. I said, Let’s pray,” and he did.

Not two hours later the second opportunity came. Again, it was a situation where a Jewish man was going out with a Jewish believer (against our advice to her). The last time I had met with Stan, he had become very hostile and had vowed never to meet with me again. However, since that time he had undergone serious major surgery. (Trials like that often do soften people’s hearts to the gospel message.) When we met for lunch that day, Stan told me that early that morning, about 6:00 a.m., he had read one of the pamphlets he had received from us and had prayed to receive Yeshua as his Messiah. I asked if he would like to pray again with me, and he did.

Though it might appear that these two were motivated to consider Yeshua for all the “wrong” reasons, who ever has the “right” reasons for coming to him? God uses many situations to bring people to himself.

I rejoice over both of these decisions. Now comes the intensive follow-up to help secure in their minds what was begun in their hearts by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for both of these young men who share the same spiritual birthday.