(with some help from her mother)

Hello. My name is Kayla. That’s K-A-Y-L-A. Kayla means bride.” It isn’t in the Bible, but my middle name, Miriam, is. I’m five. My Mommy is helping me tell this. Her name is Melissa. I want to tell you about my Daddy. His name is Jhan. That name isn’t in the Bible, either. Daddy is a Jews for Jesus missionary. We’re good friends, and we go lots of places together. Mostly Daddy does his work for Jews for Jesus without me, but sometimes I get to help.

Sometimes I go with my Daddy and my Mommy to churches so that Daddy can show the people our Jews for Jesus movie. It’s called “Still Not Ashamed!,” and I’m in it. My little sister is in it, too, but she doesn’t do anything except just lie there because she was a tiny baby when they made the movie. I like the movie because my Daddy looks so handsome. It’s about my Daddy’s work. It shows how he hands out tracts in downtown Chicago and tells lots of people about Jesus. Sometimes the people throw the tracts in the garbage or on the ground. Daddy says that’s okay because there are lots of other people who put the tracts in their pockets and take them home to read.

My favorite part of our movie is in the beginning, where Mommy and Daddy and I light the Hanukkah candles. Hanukkah is one of the best holidays because I get a present every night for eight nights. I also like it because it makes me feel good inside to light the candles and see them shine so brightly. It makes me think of a song I know: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” I want to love God more and more, and the candles remind me about doing that.

My Daddy is funny. He likes to wear different kinds of clothes. Some days he wears a Jews for Jesus T-shirt. Those are the days I know he’s going downtown to hand out tracts. On other days he wears a bow tie or just a regular tie and a nice jacket. Then I can tell he’ll be going to visit someone who’s sick in the hospital, or maybe to a church to tell the people there to pray for their Jewish friends and tell them about Jesus.

One thing about my family: we sure are busy! Lots of people come and stay at our house, and when they do, Mommy washes lots of sheets and cooks lots of food. I like it when people come and stay with us. They are very nice to me. Sometimes it seems like we have lots more people in our family than just the four of us. It makes me feel good to have such a big Jews for Jesus family.

I’m proud of my Daddy because he does the things he thinks are important. We have a friend Annetta. She is an old lady, and sometimes I go with Daddy to visit her. She lives in a nursing home. It seems like a nice place, but I don’t know why they call it a nursing home because I’ve never seen any nurses there. Anyways, Annetta is always glad to see us. Daddy usually reads to her from the Bible. Then they talk, and Annetta lets me pick a piece of candy from the jar on her dresser. She doesn’t have any children of her own, and once I heard her tell someone that Daddy was like a son to her. I like to help Daddy visit Annetta.

Sometimes my Daddy takes me to the office. There are lots of boxes of tracts there. We also have a big room there for the Jews for Jesus Bible study, and we have a typewriter and even a little computer. The phone rings a lot at the office, but I’m used to it because it rings a lot at my house, too.

My Mommy has a friend on our block that she takes me to visit sometimes. Her name is Faith, and she is Jewish. She sits in a wheelchair most of the time. Mommy and Faith like to talk about Jesus while I play with Faith’s cat. Faith doesn’t believe in Jesus yet, but Mommy says we should pray that some day she will. I know that I’m Jewish, and I believe in Jesus, so it’s hard for me to understand why some Jewish people don’t believe in him. Daddy says that’s why he must work so hard to tell them about the Bible and what God wants them to know. I know that my Daddy is right, and I love him.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and a teacher and a mommy and an architect. I want to be a Jew for Jesus, too. Daddy says that he will save one of his T-shirts for me. I can hardly wait!


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