From Los Angeles, Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “I had a unique ministry opportunity thanks to a wonderful church in Illinois that hosted me to present ‘Christ in the Passover.’ Two Jewish Gentile couples attended the service.

“Clark (raised a Christian) and his Jewish fiancée, Sheila, are facing typical cross-cultural challenges. Carol (Clark’s Christian mother) invited them to my presentation. As a bonus, Sheila’s parents also came! Sheila’s father, Bill, is Jewish and her step-mom, Melanie, is a Christian. Both couples asked if we all could meet right after the service to discuss their spiritual issues. So we did!

“Clark and Sheila had questions about planning their wedding and, looking down the road, how to raise their children. Bill and Melanie had deeply spiritual questions. Please pray for continued ministry to Clark, Sheila, Bill, and Melanie, and for salvation for Sheila and Bill.”