Please pray for:

  • our Budapest Campaign (July 27-August 9)
  • teens to connect with the Lord during our adventure camps this month, and for us as we invest in this next generation of Jewish believers in Jesus
  • Massah: the first week of August is the last month for our US team to connect with Israeli backpackers in India; please pray for them and also for details for our Israeli team who will be starting out toward the end of the month.
  • Jews for Jesus to continue to have God-given courage so that we’re willing to take risks for His glory
  • Jacob to respond to ISSUES with further interest in Jesus, God to water the gospel seed planted through door-to-door ministry in Long Island (and praise to God for the partnership with friends from a local Messianic congregation); salvation for Michal, and insight on how to connect with young Hasidim who are leaving their Orthodox communities with many questions about God; continued fruitful interactions with Israelis over the video, That Jew Died for You, and particularly salvation for Max and Aviva; salvation for Dmitry in Essen, Germany
  • salvation for Ilya, and grace and strength for new Jewish believer Yana, both in Moscow
  • continued growth for the new Jewish believer “somewhere in Belarus” and God’s continued blessing on our missionary there
  • salvation of Leah and that Rhea and Esther will be grounded in their new faith, as well as God’s continued blessing on Shoshannah’s women’s Bible study