Jews for Jesus Prayer Prompters

Please pray for:

  • The pursuit of integrity, that our staff meet challenges to integrity with faithfulness and that God enables us to pass on that commitment to our newer staff, as well as other young people as we have opportunities to mentor and encourage them
  • God’s blessing on our Kharkov branch, particularly Mikhail and Igor, and salvation for Leonid, one of Igor’s contacts
  • All to go well in the final stages of our soon to be released book, That’s Just Moishe: Collected Wisdom, Wit and Whimsy from the Founder of Jews for Jesus
  • Continued contact with Aaron, and that he will be interested in knowing more about Jesus (SF); grace and strength for new Jewish believer Janice (NYC), salvation for Mina (Israel) and for Yosef to grow in his newfound faith, and that God would provide for his every need, especially for financial provision
  • Massah which is continuing through August 14; for meaningful conversations with Israeli trekkers in India, good follow-up after they return to Israel, and God’s continued work in the lives of all who participated
  • Fruitful follow-up from last month’s New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign and for the campaigners’ “re-entry” into their normal routines after this intense time of ministry
  • God’s blessing on our Berlin* (Jul 25-Aug 10), Budapest (Aug 15-31) and Montreal (Aug 15-31) campaigns
  • God to work in the lives of last month’s Halutzim participants**
  • This month’s East and West Coast Adventure Camps
  • Final preparations for our Moscow campaign Sept 6-14 (training Sept 2-5)
  • Wisdom in planning for our next Behold Your God Israel campaign

Surprising But True:

In the year 2012 there were 100,000 Israelis who received passports from Germany!

**Click here to find out what Halutzim is and how God used it in the life of Jeremiah Zaretsky some thirteen years ago. Jeremiah has just relocated with his family from New York to San Francisco. Pray for the Zaretsky family as they settle into a new place that is home to a community of young Jewish believers in Jesus. As they transition to life in San Francisco, they will also transition into ministry with and to that community


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