Branch leader Yoel Ben David reports: “We have moved our operations to our street-level shop in order to be more visible to passers-by on Kentish Town Road. The move has already paid off, with more Jewish people dropping in. Please pray that this continues!”

Simon Lissak: “Three years ago, I encountered Benjamin, a Jewish man from an Orthodox background. We had a long talk about Jesus, and he began to attend our church regularly, and then would come back to my house to argue about Jesus! After six months, he finally rang one morning to say that he had become a believer in Jesus, after reading a book I had lent him titled, What the Rabbis Know about the Messiah.

“In the summer of 2010 Benjamin was baptized, and I will be best man at his wedding (to a believer) this year! Recently he has joined our Thursday lunchtime evangelism team. I overheard him in a conversation with a woman as he explained how Jesus has transformed his life. It was wonderful to see how far he’s come and how God is using him.”

Alison Barnett: “I recently went to an art gallery with a Jewish woman named Jessie. She had suggested that we meet there as I could explain the religious symbolism to her and she could explain the art to me. I was a little uncomfortable because I know next to nothing about art! But when we came across a painting by Rubens called ‘Moses and the Brazen Serpent,’ I asked if Jessie recognized the event from the Tenach. She didn’t, so I retold the story. I explained that although God used the pole with the serpent to heal the people, it was still necessary for the Israelites to look up at the brazen serpent and believe God’s promise to heal them from the plague. It was much the same, I said, with Jesus’ death on the cross. Jesus died for all of us, but unless we look to Him, and trust God for forgiveness, we will not receive the gift of salvation. It turns out an art museum can be the perfect place for an evangelistic encounter.”

New York City

Stewart Weinisch reports: “I was making phone calls along with my wife Shosh and one of the missionary trainees, Chantale. Chantale was speaking to a man who was listed as a Jewish believer in Jesus. As Shosh listened in on the conversation, she sensed that the man Chantale was speaking to was spiritually hungry.  Because Chantale’s first language is French, Shosh asked Chantale if she thought it would be helpful to have me speak with Herman. A few minutes later I made the call and scheduled a visit with Herman for the next day. We spoke at length about salvation. Herman concluded he had never quite understood his need to ask Jesus to be his Messiah—and he did just that!  Before leaving our NYC Branch he announced to most of our staff, ‘I just prayed to receive Jesus as my Messiah and He has forgiven all of my sin!’  A few days later Herman called me to say that he wanted to learn how to share his new faith with his wife who is also Jewish.  What joy!”

San Francisco

Ruth Rosen reports: “My sister Lyn was visiting from Chicago (she is one of our branch missionaries there) and we decided to visit a coin shop where our dad, Moishe, used to buy silver dollars to give as gifts. ‘It says one dollar on it,’ he’d point out to young recipients, ‘and you can use it to buy a dollar’s worth of candy or gum, but you’d be cheating yourself because it’s worth a lot more than that. Your life is like that coin. Don’t sell yourself short!’ We explained to the shop owner who our father was. He smiled and said, ‘I remember him well. I knew he was with Jews for Jesus—it was all over his car. But I never told him that I’m Jewish.’ We put in our order and paid for the purchases, then I asked if he enjoyed reading. ‘Really just for my business,’ he replied. I told him I had written my father’s biography and ‘I could make you a gift of it, but won’t bother you if you aren’t into reading.’ To my surprise he brightened and said, ‘Thank you. I’d be interested to read that. Bring it when you come to pick up your purchase.’ Please pray that Moishe’s story will speak to Sam* and that he’ll respond to Jesus.”

*not his real name