With September around the corner, Jews for Jesus is gearing up for another year of campus evangelism. To get you revved up to pray for our staff, volunteers and the college students they’ll be reaching, here are a couple of reports prior to this summer’s break.

Tracy Rapp reports from Phoenix:

“We ended the school year at Arizona State University with a concert and book table in front of the Memorial Union. Hundreds of students pass by this stage during the lunch hour. The highlight of the outreach was when Nathan & Susan* stopped by our table to say hi.  They are Jewish students at ASU, originally from Israel, and their father is a rabbi.  Nathan is friends with Patricia who is involved in our JewsforJesus@ASU group.  He and Patricia attended our Purim Party this year—quite amazing since our Purim Party was on a Friday night and Nathan is usually required to be at his father’s Shabbat Service on Fridays.  Please pray for Nathan and Susan to come to know the Messiah—and for our future ministry to the Jewish students and others at ASU.”

*not their real names

Sam Rood reports from New York City:

“You get some strange looks when wearing a Jews for Jesus T-shirt on a college campus. One day, a group of three students walked by, giving me dirty looks and laughing. But one of them stopped and started asking me questions. He was trying to sound hostile, but I could tell he wanted to talk, so I asked what his name was.

“Daniel told me his name, and that he grew up in an Orthodox home but is now an atheist. Daniel’s two friends wanted to move on so he gave me his email and said that he’d like to continue our discussion online. Later that week we began a ‘dialogue’ on Facebook. We’ve been able to address some of the ‘big questions.’ In many ways, Daniel is approaching this as an intellectual exercise, but I know that hidden beneath the façade is an itch of doubt… ‘What if God is real?’

“Please join me in praying that God will open Daniel’s eyes to the truth of Yeshua the Messiah. Because in the end, only God can change people’s hearts.”

Praise God for answered prayer! In January 2011 “Bits from the Branches,” Rob Wertheim wrote:

“Recently, while handing out broadsides at San Francisco State University, a young man named Jesse approached and asked if I remembered him. Apparently, he had given me a hard time last year at City College (where I also hand out our broadsides). I didn’t remember, but Jesse, who is Jewish, had some questions and we arranged to talk further the following week.

“When we got together, he explained that much had changed since our encounters at City College. He had read the New Testament and even visited a church with a friend. I asked him if he had ever read Isaiah 53 and he hadn’t, so I asked him to do so. He read the chapter, and as soon as he finished he said, ‘It’s talking about Jesus!’ As we concluded our visit, Jesse told me he wanted to meet up again. Please pray that Jesse will open his heart completely to the Lord.”

We are happy to say that Jesse did indeed open his heart to the Lord. He was baptized this past April and is currently abroad as part of our Massah team.

Online extras

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