Announcements and Prayer Requests

Prayer Prompters

Please pray for:

  • God’s people to be able to be transparent and vulnerable, and find God’s strength as we acknowledge our weakness
  • fruitful follow-up from our most recent witnessing campaigns in NYC and London, that new believers and seekers alike will continue to be open to meeting with us
  • God to enable us to continue the work He began with BYG Israel (Lower Galilee) in the spring, and that our Haifa work will flourish
  • Massah: for both groups, and for those they meet in India and South America
  • Jews for Jesus campus evangelism restarting next month: pray for Nathan and Susan
  • God’s blessing as we invest in the next generation of Jews for Jesus
  • salvation for Jessie (London) and Sam (San Francisco), as well as Herman’s wife (New York); continued ministry for Benjamin (London) and grace and strength for new believer Herman (New York)

Thanks for Praying: BYG Israel

God answered prayer for our month-long Lower Galilee Behold Your God Israel Campaign. Dan Sered reports: “There’s no way to know the number of people that saw our T-shirts and media ads, the number of people that were touched by the way that we handled opposition and returned love for hate, etc. But I can tell you that during the campaign we had hundreds of calls coming into our office. Most were as a result of our banners. We handed out 66,305 gospel tracts, attempted 18,192 phone calls and connected with 7,202 of the people we called. We got the contact information of 1,072 Jewish Israelis who told us they wanted to know more about Yeshua. We also got the contact information of 200 unsaved Gentiles who showed interest in Jesus. Most of these were Arabs. Praise the Lord for the five Jewish people who professed faith in Jesus for the first time.”

Online Extras

For stories and photos from our most recent Behold Your God Israel Campaign, check out the May and June editions of Jews for Jesus RealTime.

Israeli Massah?

We’ve been telling you about our Massah program that sends Jewish believers in Jesus to Israel and beyond to share their faith with Israeli backpackers. We are in the final weeks of that Massah program right now, as participants finish up their time in India.

But we are also launching Massah for Israeli Jewish believers in Jesus later this month. We’re excited to have a group of committed believers from Israel who will be meeting and sharing their faith with other Israelis as they trek through South America.


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