Micha is part of our Chicago branch. In addition to his regular missionary work, Micha takes Moody Bible Institute students out for weekly evangelism to college campuses as well as to the diverse “Devon” section of town, where Orthodox Jews, Russians, Muslims and Hindus all live in close proximity. He also works with the Midwest Camp Gilgal programs. He and his wife Leah have two beautiful young daughters, Selah and Tikvah.

Our God, who is mighty to save, is always at work, even when we don’t see it.

Over a year ago a man named Phil* Cohen called in to our office and told me that he is in an interfaith marriage. Phil explained that his wife was not pushing him to explore Jesus, but he was just interested! He had grown up in New York City and was pleased when he heard I was a Cohen, too!

Ten days later, I called Phil again and he agreed to meet me. We read Isaiah 53 together, which describes the Messiah as the suffering servant who was “pierced through for our transgressions.” Phil agreed that it certainly sounded like Jesus. I explained the need for atonement, and he understood the concept. I asked if he was ready to accept God’s offer of atonement through Jesus, and he said not just yet, but he said “yes” when I asked if I could pray for him to find the truth. I asked him to read the Gospel of John in his wife’s New Testament. I invited him to our Tuesday night Bible study and also to the Messianic congregation that I attend. He said he had never heard of Messianic Jews, and that he was searching for real spirituality.

Over the next few months I tried to call him and left a number of messages on his machine. I was sad that he never returned my calls after what seemed like a promising start. I prayed God would soften Phil’s heart and draw him to the truth with or without me.

One day I called again, not expecting Phil to answer as had been the case for a long time. But he surprised me by answering! I praised God for the chance to talk with Phil, and the more so when I heard what he had to say! Phil told me that he and his wife had begun attending a local Messianic Congregation! He also told me that he had finished reading through the Old Testament and was now starting to read through the New Testament.

The one question he had was why other children had called him a “Christ Killer” when he was growing up in New York City. What did the accusation mean: “the Jews killed Jesus”? I explained that it was an ignorant accusation since Jesus Himself had said of His life, “No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father” (John 10:18). Then he allowed me to pray for him on the phone, as I had done months before. He said that he does not fully believe yet, but sees himself as heading in the right direction!

I praise God that even when I seem to have lost contact with someone, it doesn’t mean God is not working in that person’s heart to draw him to His loving grace. I can’t wait to see Phil enter the kingdom soon! Pray he chooses to make a stand and be counted in the body of Messiah!

* Name has been changed