Keep praying for the work in Israel! God is on the move …

From Tel Aviv one of our interns, Alex, reports, “I met Nathaniel during an outreach at the Sea of Galilee. He seemed open to the gospel, received a New Testament from me and gave his phone number for follow up. A week later Avigail (another intern) and I met with Nathaniel and explained the gospel. Nathaniel said he believed, and prayed with us to receive Jesus. Soon after, he questioned the step he’d taken and expressed a preference to explore faith in Yeshua on his own.  Please pray that God will guard his new faith, and that he will want to continue discipleship study with the branch.”

Avigail reports, “I met Leah* —a French Jewish woman who is newly immigrated to Israel—in my Hebrew language class. She saw me handing out tracts at Yitzachi Rabin Square and the next time we had class together, she asked about my work. When I explained that I work with Jews for Jesus and study the Bible with people who are interested, Leah said that she would like to study the Bible with me!  Please pray for her.” 

Sarah reports, “As I began a sortie (tract-passing expedition), the first man who took a broadside looked familiar. He seemed open and when I suggested that he meet with one of our staff to discuss things further, he agreed.  As he was giving his contact information, I suddenly realized I’d met him in 2008 during the Tel Aviv Behold Your God campaign!  In fact, I met him twice during the campaign and I remembered how he was not interested in any further contact at that time.  I had written his name on an index card to pray for him in 2008 and found it still in my prayer journal.  Please join me in praying for Meir’s salvation.”


If the Son Sets You Free …

Bruce Rapp reports, “Back in April of 2008 the chaplain at a local jail heard that I do prison ministry with Jewish inmates. He asked me to meet with Gary, who was incarcerated for eight years on a felony charge. Gary’s cellmate was a Christian who had challenged Gary to consider the gospel. We began to meet and study the Bible. Some months later, in the visitation room, chained to his seat, Gary asked Yeshua into his life. We continued to meet periodically and he grew in his faith. Recently I received the following letter from a Christian friend of his.

‘…  I write to you the sad news that Gary died in his sleep of natural causes on May 4.  I thank God from the depths of my heart that He took you to Gary’s jail cell, and that you led him in a prayer of faith to receive Yeshua as his Messiah. Because of your faithfulness to the Lord, Gary is now in the presence of his Messiah Yeshua. He suffered unbearable pain in body, soul and spirit in that jail and prison. He said that he would not have it any other way, because through that experience, he came to know God’s faithfulness, love and great mercy. Gary had been out of prison just a few months [before he died]… . I thank you, Bruce, for praying with Gary that day, and … Gary and I will thank you throughout all eternity!



Dina Markova reports: “I was handing out ‘The Only Hope for Peace’ broadside. A Jewish couple passed me by but the man came back and asked for a broadside. His wife came after him and said, ‘Let’s go. I’m sick of this!’ I turned to both of them and asked, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ The man replied a little off the topic, ‘Our granddaughter goes to a boarding school; there they learn about Jesus.’

‘Perhaps it will be interesting for us to talk about Jesus together,’ I suggested, then continued, ‘We believe that He is the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of all people.’ After a few more minutes of conversation, Eduard and Lusya gave me their phone number! Please pray for us to be able to study the Bible together, and for Lusya and Eduard to be saved.”

*Name has been changed