Micha Cohen reports, I am always grateful to see how our God is mighty to save, often ‘behind the scenes.’ He never slumbers nor sleeps and does not lose touch with those we think we have lost!

“A man called our office and told me that he is in an interfaith marriage. He said that his wife was not pushing him to explore Jesus, but he was just interested himself! He grew up in New York City and laughed when he heard that we share the same last name. He said he was glad to hear from another Cohen in Chicago.

“Ten days later I called him again and he agreed to meet at our office the following Thursday. But he soon called back saying he had time to come to the office that very day instead. We met and read Isaiah 53 together and he agreed that it sounds like Jesus. I talked about our need for atonement and he understood the concept. I asked if he was ready to receive God’s offering of forgiveness through Jesus, and he said not just yet, but he was glad enough for me to pray for him to find the truth. I told him about our Tuesday night Bible study and about the Saturday services at the congregation where I attend.

“Over the next few months I tried to call Mr. Cohen and left a number of messages on his machine.  I was sad that he didn’t respond, especially since he’d seemed so open. I prayed God would soften his heart and draw him to the truth with or without me.

“Months later I called again, expecting him not to answer as had been the case for a long time. When he did answer, I praised God for the chance to talk with him, but when I heard what he had to say I had much more reason to praise Him! Freddy said that he and his wife are now attending a local Messianic congregation! He also told me that he has completed reading through the Old Testament and is now starting to read through the New Testament. He allowed me to pray for him on the phone, and said that while he does not yet fully believe, he believes he is now heading in the right direction!

I praise God that even when I haven’t been able to connect with someone, it doesn’t mean God is not working in his heart to draw him to His loving grace! 

Washington, D.C.

Larry Dubin reports, “John had been reared in the metropolitan area of New York City. When, via television, he witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center from his office in Washington, D.C., his world was turned inside out.

“John’s supervisor was a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled man. He realized the great distress that had descended upon John and spoke to him about Jesus.  For the first time in his life, John heard the “Good News” of the Bible.  He was a new creation in Christ by the time that sun set that day.

“I met John two months later. He agreed to meet with me every week to study the Word of God.  The challenge for John and me was boiled down to one word:  obedience. How does a man with approximately forty years of life go from ignoring God to obeying him in every aspect of his life and character? John struggled with the idea that he needed to be “obedient” to the commands of the Bible.  He wanted to receive the parts of the Bible that he liked and he wanted to discount the part of the Bible that he did not appreciate.

“Yet he met with me weekly to study the Word of God.  We used a workbook that required an hour a day of Bible study. The struggle was great!  The discipleship process continued for a period of almost two years and then John moved to a different part of the world. For almost six years, my only contact with him was our four times a year telephone calls.  John continued to remind me of the lessons that he learned as a young believer. 

“During our last conversation, John informed me that he was completing a degree program at a local seminary.  He intends to enter into a full-time vocational ministry because he wants to teach others how to become disciples of Jesus.  God is in the process of finishing the good work that he started in John’s life!”