I hope it’s alright to say: I like myself.” At least I like some things about me. I like that I enjoy being around people who are having fun, even if they’re doing something I can’t do. I like it that I feel especially good when I tell a good friend about a restaurant, and they find that the food is terrific. I like the fact that I’m curious about everything.

My assistant and friend, Peter Sandberg, told me that long ago one of his teachers encouraged the class to be childlike, not childish.

There are many ways to compare being childish with being child-like, but here is a small musing:

Childish people are ego-centric; often they don’t even realize that they approach everything and everyone as somehow being about themselves. Much of their displeasure or discontent results from the fact that others see life differently.

Childlike people wonder about things, are alert, have questions, are ready to learn; they also know how to jump up and down with glee, and really enjoy things.

I don’t mind being a grown-up, whatever that means. I’ve always enjoyed the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me. Doing them well and keeping my commitments gives me a profound satisfaction. I didn’t have to worry about what I would be when I grew up,  God decided all that for me. But His title for me is “Child of God,” not “Founder of a Mission” or “Head of a Family.”  Just “Child of God.”

Being a child means that I don’t have to stop wondering; I don’t have to set aside my curiosity. And with a Heavenly Parent, I know that I don’t have to be in charge of everything or be at the center of things to enjoy. He’s my Father, and He’ll show me all the things I need to enjoy my life.