New York

Larry Stamm was speaking at Queens College for a university fellowship night and wondered if any Jewish students might show up to his presentation. (Queens College has a very large Jewish student body.) In the middle of the presentation, two Orthodox men entered the auditorium and sat quietly in the back. (There may have been other Jewish people among the 50 or so students, but the Orthodox men were obvious by their attire and their separation from the rest of the group.) At the end of the presentation, Larry opened up the floor for questions and answers. He wondered what questions or comments the visitors in the back might offer, but they sat and observed. Larry says, “I had the opportunity to frame answers that spoke to the general audience but also specifically to the Orthodox gentlemen in the back. I encouraged believers to challenge their Jewish friends to ask the God of Israel to reveal the truth about Jesus, and to read Jesus’ own claims about Himself in the New Testament.”


Karl deSouza says, “I am grateful to many Christian brothers and sisters who support Jewish evangelism, not only through their finances and prayers but also by courageously reaching out to Jewish people they meet, and referring their Jewish friends to us.

“Sylvie is a Christian who recently called quite excited because she had befriended a Jewish man, James (not his real name) and was able to coordinate a meeting between the three of us. James was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, but hasn’t been as observant as he was in the past. Sylvie and I both shared our testimonies and prayed for his broken family in Jesus’ name, and James listened intently and was genuinely touched. He surprised us when, after we asked him to read a verse in Hebrews 11 about faith, he instead read the whole chapter!

“While James said he wasn’t looking to change his views, this was a very good first meeting, and his first encounter with a Jew who believes in Jesus. I thank God and pray for Christians like Sylvie who share Y’shua with our Jewish people. Please pray that God opens the eyes of James’ heart to see his need for salvation and see Messiah the Saviour.”


Jeannie Goldstein has been teaching children’s Bible clubs for nine years. She says, “I try to find topics that will encourage the faith of these children. This year we have been talking about godly characteristics as opposed to worldly characteristics. I don’t always know if these lessons touch the children. Every week I ask what we learned the week before and sometimes with a little help, the children remember.

“I also send weekly letters with a summary of the lesson taught at the Bible club to children who don’t live close enough to attend.

“Recently I received two positive reactions to a lesson on faith and fear, and was so encouraged. One mother told me that her daughter had a lot of homework so she told her daughter maybe she should skip the Bible club. Her daughter said she couldn’t miss the Bible club because the lessons helped her so much, particularly the one on faith and fear.

“One of the families has two daughters who have not been able to attend the Bible club for years. The oldest daughter wrote, telling me that she really appreciated the letter on fear. She listed her fears and told me the lesson had helped her to have faith in God and not be afraid.

“Ministering to children isn’t always easy. Sometimes I feel that I’m not making any difference, but a few words of encouragement mean so much. I will continue to teach them, encourage them and pray for them as the Lord has laid on my heart the desire and love for teaching children to grow in their faith in our Messiah, Y’shua.”