August 2007 Newsletter (5767:12)

Networks and Partnerships
August 1, 2007

Later this month several Jews for Jesus missionaries will go to Hungary to take part in the eighth International Conference of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). The LCJE is a network of educators, congregational leaders and missionaries committed to Jewish evangelism. This unique organization brings together a variety of individuals and organizations to…

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It Takes a Branch
Author: Lynn McCoy

Rachel is a college student at a local university here in D.C. She called our office to explain that she had decided to write about Jews for Jesus for her journalism course. She wanted to attend one of our events that week to observe us as research for her paper. Rachel didn’t have a car,…

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Difficult Professions
Author: Moishe Rosen

When I think about difficult professions, I think about mining. I can’t imagine harder work that an ordinary person could do than mining: going down into the inhospitable Earth; digging deeper and deeper; moving mud and muck; working through stone under hot conditions with bad air . . . but believe it or not, it…

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Bits From the Branches

New York Larry Stamm was speaking at Queens College for a university fellowship night and wondered if any Jewish students might show up to his presentation. (Queens College has a very large Jewish student body.) In the middle of the presentation, two Orthodox men entered the auditorium and sat quietly in the back. (There may…

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