August 2006 Newsletter (5766:12)

August 1, 2006

The special appreciation and respect that some feel for Jewish people is sometimes called philo-Semitism,” philo being derived from the Greek word phileo, to love. Philo-Semites have a great interest in Jewish history as well as admiration for Jewish culture. And while some people’s idea of respect and admiration of the Jewish people misinforms them […]

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The Best of the Holy Land” Tour”

Reminder: There is still room for you on The Best of the Holy Land” tour hosted by Lon Solomon, Jewish Christian pastor of McLean Bible Church and valued member of Jews for Jesus board of directors. The Israel portion of the tour is October 23-31, 2006 with optional extensions. For a brochure and full details, […]

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Next month, instead of the Jews for Jesus Newsletter…

We’ll be sending you the Jews for Jesus Newspaper, with photos, feature articles and reports from Behold Your God in New York. It will be a 16-page tabloid-sized paper—and it won’t be in an envelope. Please be on the lookout for this special edition. We haven’t done a paper like this in over 20 years, […]

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Why Words Are Important
Author: Ruth Rosen

Do you remember teachers who seemed overly picky in correcting your word choices? You’d ask, Can I go to the bathroom?” and the teacher’s reply would be something like, “Are you questioning your physical ability to get to the bathroom or did you want my permission?” And you learned to say “may I?” instead of […]

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From Kiev with Love

From time to time in the Bits from the Branches you see stories from our brothers and sisters in Moscow, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev. This month we thought we’d introduce you to Irina Volodarska, a Jewish believer working with our Kiev branch. Originally from Chernobyl, she provides insight into life in Ukraine, as well […]

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Not Much of a Witness? Not!

I love the little ironies of life; especially those that show how God’s been at work in our lives all along. I was not yet a follower of Yeshua while in college. At one point, I began a friendship with a coed named Gail, taking her to a couple of campus social events. Before the […]

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Bits from the Branches

Johannesburg Because of this city’s high crime rate you don’t find crowds of people on public walkways. So public events are exciting for us as they provide the occasional opportunity to go and hand out our broadside tracts. That was the case at a recent pop concert in Pretoria. Says branch leader Michael Sischy, Our […]

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