*Behold Your God is our plan to reach all cities outside of Israel where there are Jewish populations of 25,000 or more.

August is the month of the three B’s”: Berlin, Budapest and Baltimore.

Last month we wrote a bit about the upcoming Berlin campaign. To fire your imagination and prayers a bit more: in 1990, the entire Jewish population of Germany stood at a mere 30,000—and today, there are 230,000 Jewish people in Germany, including 200,000 Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants from the former USSR. A high percentage of them live in Berlin, and the city is undergoing an exciting Jewish renaissance. Please pray as Germans and Jews for Jesus join together to demonstrate the love of God through our Messiah.

What’s unique about Jewish life and culture in Budapest? Budapest contains the largest surviving native Jewish population in all of Central and Eastern Europe—approximately 80,000 Jews. This city on the Danube River is also the home of a form of Judaism that’s found nowhere else in the world—Neolog Judaism. Budapest is also the birthplace of Theodore Herzl, the Father of Modern Zionism. Budapest is home to the Dohany utca Synagogue, the largest active synagogue in all of Europe. It was in Budapest that one of the greatest modern-day heroes, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust by issuing them Swedish certificates of protection. In recent years, God has begun to raise up a Messianic story within that city. May God use our BYG campaign to strengthen that burgeoning community by adding greatly to its number. (News: our testimonies book Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician has been translated into Hungarian in time to be used for this campaign!)

Metropolitan Baltimore is the home of 105,000 Jewish people, who make up ten percent of the area’s population. Baltimore also has the highest proportion of Orthodox Jewish people compared to other Jewish communities throughout the United States. Pikesville, which is located in the northwest sector of Baltimore County, is the center of that community. In fact, the Jewish community is so observant that they have built a Jewish chapel on the grounds of Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles. This way, Jewish men may pray during the game!

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor remains a showcase for the tourists and locals alike. This is not a town where you can greet commuters at the train station—most people drive. This always presents challenges to our campaigners, so please pray for creativity. We also hope to have opportunities at the state fair. And if you live in the Baltimore area, please check your newsletter inserts—you will find invitations to two special events taking place during BYG Baltimore. We hope you will bring your Jewish friends!