Last spring I met the man who led my father to the Lord. My father lost both his parents in Auschwitz, but became a believer in Jesus through the witness of Andrew Forbat, a Jewish believer from Hungary. A few years ago, when Jews for Jesus published my father’s story, Andrew, who has spent the larger part of his life as a doctor in the United States, reconnected with us. He and his wife had retired to North Carolina, where I was speaking in March, and it was truly a joy to meet them. I learned that Andrew had come to faith through the witness of a Gentile believer who shared his faith on train commutes. His simple act of explaining the gospel to a young Jewish man in London had more of an impact than he could ever know. Andrew went on to share his faith with many. He and his wife were missionaries to India for years. And, of course, Andrew witnessed to my father, who also became active in sharing his faith wherever he lived—in the UK, Switzerland, Barbados and Africa. His sister became a very evangelistic believer, and ultimately my brother, a few cousins and I became believers in Jesus, too. Now I work as a full-time missionary to my people. I am amazed at how God has worked out—and continues working out—His plan in the lives of so many people, beginning with that one Christian who started the domino effect” by sharing his faith with a Jewish man as they rode the train to work.