New York

Susan Mendelson reports, A young Jewish woman named Sarah phoned and said she was Orthodox and interested in Jesus but afraid to give me her last name or phone number. She didn’t have much time to talk and was afraid to be seen meeting with me. I gave her my cell phone number and said to call me if she would like to look at Scripture together. Well, Sarah did call. As we were speaking, she explained what a good feeling she had every time she heard the name of Jesus…not a typical Orthodox response! By the end of the conversation, Sarah expressed her readiness to pray to receive the Lord Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Praise God! I have no way to follow up with Sarah unless she calls at a prearranged time to study over the phone (which she has already done once since we prayed together). Please pray that we can continue to have these ‘phone visits’ and that Sarah will grow in her faith and find the courage to step out openly.”


Julia Pascoe reports, “During my regular weekly evangelistic phoning, I came across Don. I am accustomed to speaking with Jewish people who are reluctant to consider Jesus because they think they would be betraying their ancestors. But to my surprise, Don was pleased to tell me that one of his relatives was a Jewish Christian whose witness and influence in the history of Jewish missions is well known. This was an opportunity for me to ask Don about his own attitude towards Jesus. He admitted that he didn’t want Jesus in his life because he didn’t want to submit to someone else’s authority and didn’t see why anyone should have to.

“I wanted Don to see what the Scripture had to say about his objections, so I asked if he had a Bible. He did, so I asked if I could phone another time so that we could look at it together. He agreed. Please pray that God will prepare Don’s heart to hear and receive the truth about Jesus.”


Bob Mendelsohn reports, “I was out on the streets sharing the good news of Jesus when a young woman approached me. She was curious and confused by my Jews for Jesus T-shirt, since she had always thought Jews believed something different than the Christians she knew. I asked Kim who she thought Jesus was and she had no answer. Within a few minutes, she not only heard my beliefs, but also accepted the reality of Jesus for herself. She started with curiosity and confusion, but left with a new commitment to the Savior. How good is it to know God opens hearts!

“I was back in the book shop/office in Bondi, doing some paperwork when two 19-year-olds, Annie and Libby, stopped by. They had received a gospel tract during one of our sorties (tract-passing expeditions). Annie started off quite hostile to our message, but the three of us spent an hour looking at the Scriptures and dealing with some of their objections. The women left with a Bible and other literature as well as much more open minds. We are very glad to be here in service for the Lord!”


Lena Gourtovaya reports, “I was handing out broadsides at the Kholodnaya Gora subway station. The sortie was over, and I was already leaving the place, when I stopped a woman who I felt was Jewish. I had no idea that she was someone I had been trying to visit! Svetlana was a contact whom I had spoken with by telephone. She had not wanted to meet when we spoke. But when we talked face-to-face on the street, she expressed a desire to meet. Please pray that God will draw her to meet not only with me, but that she will meet with Him through Jesus.”


Igor Barbanel reports, “I have recently rejoined our Odessa branch after serving for seven years in Dnepropetrovsk. As I was handing out tracts over the course of two weeks, I recognized three Jewish people whom I used to meet with. All three had moved since I left Odessa, so we had not been in touch with them. All three were happy to give their new addresses and begin meeting again to study Scripture with me. Please pray for salvation for Zinovy, Yefim and Roman.”