Ed.: We received the following true story from a member of our Board of Directors. I realized that many of our friends and supporters know almost nothing about this group of men and women who work hard on their own time to exercise oversight for our ministry. I thought that you might enjoy a glimpse of the kind of people who serve on our board.

I always seem to have adventures on the way home from Jews for Jesus subcommittee meetings. A recent meeting in New York was no exception.

I arrived at LaGuardia with time to spare, so I got myself a cup of coffee and a muffin and proceeded to gate D10 to catch up on a little reading. I got there only to find the gate had been changed. I turned around, took two steps and felt something squash under my left foot. Almost simultaneously, a forty-ish-year-old blonde woman exclaimed, Oh no, you’ve stepped on my banana!” It had fallen out of her purse and she was just coming to get it.

I profusely apologized, though inwardly I grumbled that it was not my fault she dropped her banana and further, I could have slipped on it and broken something. I continued to walk to gate D6, but I started to feel bad. I thought about buying her another banana, but the line was very long and I wanted to sit down with my coffee and muffin. Five minutes later I was finished and it seemed like the Holy Spirit was nudging me: “Wouldn’t it be a good witness to get her that banana?” “But Lord,” I said, “it wasn’t my fault. It was hers.” He seemed to reply, “So what!”

I went back to the vending area and got her a banana. I walked over to the woman, who was sitting with her 74-year-old father and her brother. I gave her the banana and they were quite surprised and very enthusiastic in thanking me. Everyone else sitting in the area could hear what they were saying. One lady asked if I could step on her wristwatch; she needed a new one.

We talked for a while. I told them I was a medical oncologist from Bayside, Queens, living in Little Rock, getting ready to retire next year. When they asked what I was going to do in retirement, I told them that I planned to work for the Lord and that I was in NYC for a Jews for Jesus board subcommittee meeting. They were Catholic and found this fascinating.

We got on the plane; I was sitting far from them and said a little prayer for them. About an hour later, the father came up to me as I was watching the in-flight movie and said, “After the movie, could you come back to where I am sitting? I really want to talk to you about why you became a Christian.”

So for over an hour, I shared Christ with him and he was very interested. I explained the plan of salvation and how to receive Christ, but he said he wasn’t yet ready to make that move as he had turned his back on the Catholic church. He asked me to send him more information, to get him on the Jews for Jesus mailing list. He also said he had never in all his life heard the things I was telling him about Jesus and he wondered if there was a Bible-teaching church that he could visit in his area.

So, due to a squashed banana, God introduced me to a man who is obviously seeking Him. And in the process, I received an incredible blessing. The man’s name is John. Please say a prayer for him. He seems so open and searching.


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