August 2004 Newsletter (5764:12)

Conventional Wisdom
August 1, 2004

Balloons and buttons, banners and boring speeches, hoopla, hype and hopefulness all rolled into one event. Every four years since the 1830s the United States has been holding national political conventions to elect Democratic and Republican nominees for President. It is that time” again in our country’s political life, but most Americans seem to be…

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The BYG Pic

Our Behold Your God Washington, D.C. campaign runs August 18-September 18, 2004, led by Stephen Katz and Larry Dubin. This is a presidential election year, which means the eyes of the entire world will be focused on Washington, D.C. We hope that with all the media attention, we’ll be able to focus some of it…

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Meet the Liberated Wailing Wall

If it were not for Jews for Jesus, I would not be standing here, the pastor announced. “And here is their executive director, who has come to speak to us this morning.” What a warm and wonderful welcome to a terrific church—Wasilla Bible Church—that sits a little less than an hour outside of Anchorage, Alaska….

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Choices, Choices…
Author: Ruth Rosen

With elections coming up we are more aware than ever of the choices before us. For an interesting perspective, take a moment and see how the Bible uses the word choose.” It probably won’t surprise you that in the Old Testament, the word “choose” appears most often to tell about God’s choices. Twenty-one of 58…

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Banana Evangelism

Ed.: We received the following true story from a member of our Board of Directors. I realized that many of our friends and supporters know almost nothing about this group of men and women who work hard on their own time to exercise oversight for our ministry. I thought that you might enjoy a glimpse…

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Bits from the Branches

Toronto Karl deSouza reports, Every year the Jewish community organizes a ‘Walk for Israel’ in downtown Toronto. Approximately 20,000 people walked this year. We never know what to expect as we attend the event in our Jews for Jesus T-shirts. Some boo and shout at us, telling us to leave, while others are polite. This…

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