People often ask how we bring a Jewish person to Christ. The real question is, how does God do it? And the answer is, Any way He wants!”

I think of a fellow named Lou, a real estate man whose wife had prayed for his salvation for years. Lou’s mother was dying and he realized that he wasn’t on the proper ground to pray for her. We were going to visit her together, but before we went into the hospital, Lou sat in the car and prayed that Jesus would be his Savior.

David Brickner led a Jewish man who was sitting next to him on an airplane to Christ. God sometimes touches people when they are far from home. Or not. One lady, as she was bathing, realized her need for spiritual cleansing through Jesus.

Then there are miraculous or semi-miraculous conversions. During World War II, a Jewish woman lost her son in battle. In the midst of her grieving, the Lord came to her in a dream and told her that she should trust in Him. She knew that this was Jesus and accepted the instruction to follow Him.

In another instance, a person in despair was walking down a New York City street, silently crying out for God to reveal Himself. A man in a dark suit came up to him, handed him a Jews for Jesus tract and said, “Here. This is what you are looking for.” Now, we normally wear T-shirts when handing out tracts. And perhaps I am wrong, but it seems to me that the man in the suit might just have been an angel of God.

Some people have been impressed by music—sacred music, or Christmas carols (the latter proved to be the seeds that later came to fruition in my wife, Ceil’s, life). Some have been impressed by Bob Dylan songs. One person I know claims to have come to Christ because of Elvis Presley.

When I was a teenager in the army, one young man in my barracks didn’t take part in the usual banter and wouldn’t go to town to look for girls. He said that he wanted to honor the Lord in his life. That left an impression on me. It wasn’t enough to come to Christ, but it had an effect.

Conversion is usually a journey and not a single event. The Lord uses what He will to sow gospel impressions into our lives like seeds…a nudge, a hint, a line of a song, a piece of a prayer, maybe a stained glass window.

We sometimes pray with people who have already taken many steps on their journey. Other times we travel with them for a few moments in a street corner conversation, or a few months in one-on-one Bible study. We take whatever part God gives us. You can do the same. Whether you are in on the beginning of sowing the gospel seed or there at the harvest when the seed comes to life, rejoice that you have a part in helping people to know the Giver of life.